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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:59:29

PRD Co., Ltd.

We are extending our business with mildew-proofing and antibacterial products that make use of a wasabi ingredient.

Our wasabi ingredient has deodorizing, insect-repelling, and antibacterial effects. Our company makes use of this ingredient to manufacture and sell mildew-proofing, antibacterial, and deodorizing products. We have established a unique technology of encapsulating the wasabi ingredient in microcapsules and kneading them into resin. We are applying this technology to product development. We have a wealth of knowledge of wasabi and can customize products according to customer needs. We will extend our business volume by meeting various requests, also with overseas expansion in mind. We also manufacture or process dyes, pigments, added modifiers, and colored pellets for synthetic resins.

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[Company strength]
Mildew-proofing, and antibacterial product department: Our R&D staff succeeded in kneading the main ingredient of wasabi into a resin after many years of searching. Our company covers everything from materials procurement to product development. We possess sufficient know-how about using the effects of wasabi for planning and development in each field (OEM). We can provide materials that have never been available before in Japan.
Synthetic resin department: We succeeded to this business from the former company over two years ago, but we are sharing manufacturing and sales with our parent company. Sales and indirect operations are under batch management by Yamaki Gosei, our parent company. We are the manufacturing department, so our company can be devoted to information collection and corporate activities for planning and development to trial manufacturing and testing. We have an integrated system covering coloring materials to pellets, which is rare in this industry.

[Business description]
Mildew-proofing and antibacterial product department: The active ingredient of wasabi is encapsulated in microcapsules and kneaded into resin. This department uses these pellets to develop, manufacture, and sell products with excellent mildew-proofing, deodorizing, antibacterial, insect-repelling, and food-freshness keeping effects. The wasabi extract WasaP" is humidity-sensitive, so we are the only company that can handle it. The active ingredient is constantly emitted from the wasabi products of other companies.
Synthetic resin department: This department manufactures or processes and sells dyes, pigments, added modifiers, and colored pellets for synthetic resins. This department meets various customer requests about color.

Mildew-proofing, antibacterial, and deodorizing product manufacturing and sales; synthetic resin coloring agent, added modifier, and pellet manufacturing and sales

[Strength of products/technologies]
Mildew-proofing and antibacterial product department: The active ingredient of wasabi is applicable in various scenes of life because of its excellent deodorizing, mildew-proofing, insect-repelling, and antibacterial effects. The deodorizing effect chemically changes odorous components so as not to leave odor after treatment. The mildew-proofing effect attacks invisible spores in the air to suppress mildew breeding. The insect-repelling effect damages the respiratory organs of insects by stimulation. The antibacterial effect suppresses harmful germs. Our products can be customized according to purposes, effects, capacities, and uses. We produce products in Japan only. We use only food-additive wasabi, so our products are highly appreciated for their quality and reliability.
Synthetic resin department: Our company is focused on the resin compound business and on manufacturing pellets suitable for their uses and characteristics. We also manufacture pellets by using recycled resins or other resins that do not conform to the standards of major resin manufacturers. We are also confronting and solving issues about environmental recycling. We have been developing pelletized resin materials that do not require surface treatment since moving into Core Higashi-Osaka. This is being done by making use of the core technology of a company located in the same facility.

[Representative's message]
Domestic Japanese manufacturing industries have been hollowing out, so we have been developing sales channels and supply sourcing in Japan and abroad for the past few dozen years. This involves synthetic resin, coloring, and other dominant businesses to promote imports and exports. Our new mildew-proofing and antibacterial product department will promote the sales of our unique products for mildew-proofing, deodorizing, antibacterial protection, freshness-keeping, insect-repelling, and so on. This will be done in Japan and abroad, together with overseas expansion (particularly to humid regions). We are confident about the possibility of overseas sales by considering the impact of exhibiting our products at various expositions and reforming our sales system. Our mainline business is OEM, so we can flexibly meet the needs of agencies and manufacturers.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have reliable business relations with several major companies in Japan. Outside Japan we are making use of the connections of overseas corporations that we continuously do business with. We also have a cooperating company (sales) in Taiwan. We will cooperate with public organizations and periodically hold in-house foreign language training to acquire new business opportunities through proactive exchanges.

[Awards and media coverage]
Commendation by a certain petrochemical manufacturer for contributions to pellet sales promotion.

Patent for excrement deodorizing sheet. 

[Transaction form]
Upon consultation.

[Transaction terms]
Upon consultation.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We are doing business (sales) with major resin and pigment manufacturers through Yamaki Gosei, our parent company. Our WasaP" product is now under development. We are now extending our business with a library equipment handling firm, apparel manufacturer, and trading firm.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We have a connection with Siam Co., Ltd. in Thailand. We have established a local corporation to promote cooperation with the company, and this corporation is now active.

[Exhibition History/Information]
New Value Creation Exhibition from May 27 (Wednesday) to 29 (Friday), Intex Osaka (planned).

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