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Latest update: 03/03/2021 10:00:48

Tsuchiya TSCO Co., Ltd.

Our company manufactures textile with environmentally-friendly materials

Our company manufactures textile related products mainly by precision pile weave and extrusion molding parts such as automobile protector and watertight building material parts.
We can provide the most suitable material for your purpose since we have a wide range of pile material.  
Besides, our products include pile airtight aluminum sash material, copy machine brushes, static electricity removal brushes.


[Product description] We propose our Polyseal to the fields of rolling stock and aircraft. The increasing speed of trains is making higher sealing performance necessary. We are now developing and commercializing brush products to impart excellent airtightness and watertightness. Competition among companies is also becoming fiercer in the aircraft industry. We are developing and commercializing brush products for airtightness and soundproofing to improve the cabin environment. Our products are adopted after satisfying the requirements for use in a much more severe environment than that of housing, as well as flame resistance.

[Product description] We can form thermoplastic elastomers into irregular cross-sectional shapes to fit complicated joining faces. We use soft resins that can withstand use for automobile exteriors. They also have good design characteristics (color and gloss). We can also use extrusion forming to create complicated cross-sectional shapes and products combined from materials of different colors and hardness.

[Product description] A highly durable brush is combined with a flexible resin material to prevent rain or wind intrusion from a door or window. Polyseal ensures sealing without impairing sliding performance and fits the irregularities of a sealing face. This product has excellent resistance against the external environment, such as light and rain, as well as friction, and it can be used for a long time. [Market share/Ranking] We have a share of 80% or more of the domestic Japanese market.