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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:01:34

Kobayashi Machine MFG. Co., Ltd.

Our custom-developed grinder has been adopted by many customers in Japan and overseas.

Our company is a machine tool maker established in 1936. We manufacture and distribute grinders and other machine tools, as well as powdered metal and cold forging molds. We used our accumulated experience and know-how to develop a small-diameter combined grinder for tools. It uses an extremely small 0.05 mm diameter drill for highly efficient and accurate machining. Our original special-purpose machine tools with built-in CNC devices and CNC tool grinders have also been adopted by customers both in Japan as well as overseas. We have an R&D office in the Incubation Room of the Advanced Materials Innovation Center, which was set up by the Mie Industry and Enterprise Support Center. The development of next-generation high-efficiency grinding technology is underway at this Center. 


[Product description] High-precision tools are indispensable for machining high-precision machine parts. Our CNC small tool combined grinder is a piece of manufacturing equipment for printed circuit board drills. It was developed assuming that its small 0.05-mm drill should not be removed until the workpiece is finished. Our company manufactures high-precision machine tools. We particularly excel at making grinders for small drills whose diameter is half the width of a hair (0.05 mm). This thin material is provided with a groove around its external circumference. It becomes a small-diameter drill when a blade is attached at the tip. This machine can conduct multiple processes as a single unit. Workpieces are fed and processed at the machine, and discharged automatically through NC control, which takes only 20 seconds per workpiece. This speed was realized by our original work head and index mechanism. These were developed on the assumption that the drill should not be removed until the material is finished. This product has work heads for multiple independent processing stages to conduct parallel processing, so it can reduce the processing time to one-fourth. [Market share/Ranking] We have acquired 80% of the domestic Japanese market and 35% of the overseas market for combined grinders for small-diameter tools. [Intellectual property] This is a 5-head, 5-stage rotary index type combined grinder for tools (a single machine can conduct 4 kinds of processing simultaneously). It can process the flute, relief, or edge of the blade or undercut of ultra-small carbide PCB drills with high efficiency and high precision through CNC control. It can operate automatically for a long time if used with an automatic workpiece feeder/discharger. The index table can be positioned using a curvic coupling device to ensure high precision in positioning, which enhances the resulting machining precision. It lifts up and rotates.


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