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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:59:03


We are experts in the latest audio technology and acoustic measuring technology, and we deal with measuring instruments, audio equipment, and assistive equipment.

We are mainly developing three lines of business with a focus on sound. We develop acoustic measuring equipment for headphones and earphones based on international standards. We offer audio equipment such as dummy head microphones for recording by professionals and high-level amateurs. We also provide assistive equipment using acoustic technology, such as new hearing aid systems for the elderly and the disabled. We have strengths in 3D reproduction technology using headphones, earphones, speakers, etc.


[Product description] Our company is a highly specialized technology development type venture group in the field of the latest acoustic technology and acoustic measuring technology. We are also familiar with the related standards in Japan and abroad. We provide unique products that satisfy customer needs. We conduct R&D, manufacturing, and sales of acoustic measuring equipment (e.g., dummy heads for measurement) for headphones and earphones. We also treat dummy head microphones and earphones for recording by professionals and high-level amateurs. These products combine acoustic measuring technology with binaural sound absorbing and reproduction technology. We also conduct R&D, manufacturing, and sales of assistive equipment for the elderly, disabled, and infirm by using acoustic technology. These products include new hearing aid systems and new electric artificial larynxes.


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