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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:58:11


We are a bolt and nut manufacturer that also develops hollow and lightweight bolts based on creative ideas.

We propose products made energy-saving, resources-conserving, and lightweight by our unique ideas. Warm forging and cold forging are our core technologies. We provide a one-stop service for design, manufacturing, thermal treatment, and surface treatment. We have cultivated technologies in the automotive field from critical parts for seat belts to steering wheels and undercarriage parts. We are extending our technologies to the fields of construction and electric machinery. We will open a sales office in North America (the U.S.A. or Mexico) in 2015 and construct a production factory in 2016.


[Product description] Hollow bolts for light weight and high strength at the same time. We use our unique patented process to manufacture bolts that have hollow interiors. These bolts possess their intended function for clamping and also a pipe function to allow gas or liquid through the inner cavity. These functions make these bolts useful for various purposes. Non-through (wall type) bolts can also be made. The designs can be customized according to their counterpart products. Weight reduction improves fuel consumption. Their environmentally friendly specifications also make these products satisfactory in various industries. [Example of weight reduction] M12 × 75 non-hollow flange bolt: 86 g. M12 × 75 hollow flange bolt: 54.7 g. Weight reduced by 36%! [Major facilities and equipment] 5/6/7-stage parts formers.

[Product description] Lightweight! Titanium bolts! Titanium alloy (beta-type) is used to pursue weight reduction while maintaining the conventional strength. We design products in addition to bolts according to customer requests. [Titanium characteristics] (1) Light weight: 4.42 in specific gravity (Iron: 7.85). (2) High strength: 620 to 1,800 MPa. (3) Corrosion resistance: Titanium alloy (beta-type) with tensile strength from 620 to 1,800 MPa. [Major facilities and equipment] 3/4-stage bolt formers.

[Product description] We manufacture super-long bolts with the cold forging that is the pride of our company. We handle a wide range of lengths and diameters using our dedicated machines and processing methods. Our super-long bolts can be used in various fields, such as automobile and construction. [Supported materials and sizes] Material: Iron, non-modified steel, SUS, aluminum, and copper. Diameter: M5 to M27 (diameter 5 to 27). Length: Up to 550 mm *Up to 2,000 mm if the diameter is 5 or 10. [Market share/Ranking] Market share of products for EV battery casings in Japan: 50%. [Major facilities and equipment] 3/4/5-stage bolt formers, 2D3B, and split-board headers.

[Product description] Our cold forging technology is especially excellent in making long holes and we can handle various pipe sizes. The possible L/D (length over diameter) is usually limited to three-fold or four-fold. However, our company can achieve up to 13-fold. We manufacture seamless pipe and chassis parts using cold forging. Pipes can also be bent by forging. [Supported material] Material: Iron, SUS, aluminum. [Major facilities and equipment] 5/6-stage parts formers.

[Product description] Technology for molding gears, cogwheels, and involute splines using cold forging. Horizontal formers can handle shafts. Our super-long 800-ton vertical servo press with 5 axes and a 60 mm KO stroke is applicable even to very difficult machining. This includes simultaneous forming of internal and external involute splines. [Supported material] Material: Iron, SUS [Major facilities and equipment] 800MT servo press and 3/4/5/6/-stage bolt formers and parts formers.