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Latest update: 09/01/2020 15:25:05

Minami Design Co., Ltd.

We are a resin processing manufacturer with thorough quality management using 3D measuring machines.

We are a resin processing manufacturer with a total of 60 machining centers at two factories in Japan and one factory in Vietnam. Our company mainly does plastic machining but we also offer vacuum molding and forming using aluminum molds and injection molders. We handle high-mix low-volume production as well as trial manufacturing. We have 3D measuring machines at all sites for thorough quality management to secure customer reliability. We are now establishing an in-house system with consideration of sales expansion to Europe and the United States.


[Product description] Design mockups. Trial models used for presentations, exhibitions, and brochure photography. Prototyping has recently been attracting attention for incorporating lighting and mobility as well as shape.

[Product description] Small-lot part processing for medical, food processing, and industrial equipment. Our company can process super-engineering plastics such as PVC, PP, PE, PC, PEEK, and PTFE. We can manufacture even single pieces for trial manufacturing. 1 to 1,000 pieces.

[Product description] Our company uses three-axis or five-axis processors for manufacturing machined plastic parts that require particularly high dimensional accuracy. We deliver them with 3D measurement and digital scanning data for quality assurance. This service is used widely for trial manufacturing of OA equipment, automotive parts, medical equipment, and food processing equipment. We can handle small to large parts with processors for 2,000 × 1,000 workpiece sizes. Our 60 machining centers provide us with ample capacity.

[Product description] These visualized models are made of acrylic and polycarbonate. These are popular as experimental parts to verify water and oil status in medical equipment and automotive parts. They are also used as cosmetics containers, and for light-conducting lenses and other parts that need transparency.

[Product description] It is important to reduce initial costs for high-mix low-volume production. The purpose of the molds is to lower the cost crossing point in machining and molding or forming. Our manufacturing speed is fast because molds are also popular for trial manufacturing. Our company also features flexibility in cost and lead time because we have forming machines in-house. Small lots: 500 to 20,000 pieces.

[Product description] A master model is created by machining or laser etching and set in a framework. Silicone rubber is poured into the framework and hardened. The framework is divided with a surgical knife or the like and the master model is taken out. The hollow silicone mold is filed with urethane resin by vacuum pressure for forming. The service life of a silicone mold depends on the shape, but it is usually 10 to 30 shots. These molds are popular for trial manufacturing in specified amounts. Reproduction is possible by surface treatment (satin) of the master model, and urethane materials can be colored. They are also used for medical equipment micro rod parts because of their advantages.

[Product description] These parts are created from general-purpose, super-engineering, and sliding plastics by turning and gear cutting. We can provide them in a short lead time because we have gear hobbing (gear tooth cutting) machines. We can also handle difficult-to-process parts, such as combinations of gears and mechanical shapes and double gears. 1 to 1,000 pieces.

[Product description] These products are often used for the development and trial manufacturing of the wearable tech products that are currently attracting attention, as well as packing and air valves. The hardness adjustment range is 20° to 90° for urethane rubber and 30° to 60° for silicone. They can also be colored. The sample image shows silicone formed by inserting stainless steel in a PMMA mold. Urethane rubber molds are created by filling silicone molds with urethane rubber. We can manufacture an equivalent quantity of molds to an ordinary mold. The service life of a silicone mold is about 200 for PMMA, although it depends on the mold material.

[Product description] We have five 3D measuring machines and one 3D scanning system for the quality management of our manufactured parts. Measurement-only requests are also welcome. Consult us for repair parts.