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Miyake Co., Ltd.

We are a security business company that provides shoplifting prevention systems and other security products in Japan and overseas.

Our company is globally extending the manufacturing and sale of security products such as shoplifting prevention systems and information leakage prevention systems. We do business with major volume retailers of home electronics appliances, chain apparel stores, and many other customers in Japan. We also provide high-security-level products equipped with face recognition engines. Our customers include a major German chain of 8,000 supermarkets in Europe. Our anti-shoplifting tags have a market share of 30% in Japan and 4% abroad. We have acquired many patents and have experience in joint R&D with the Hiroshima Institute of Technology and so on.

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[Company strength]
Our company manufactures and sells systems and supplies for preventing shoplifting in the distribution industry. We have excellent technical development power and many patents (including overseas patents) and provide world-first products. Our anti-shoplifting tags in particular are distinctive compared to existing products. We have direct transactions with major distribution companies in Japan and abroad. We also provide high-security-level shoplifting prevention systems equipped with face recognition engines.

[Business description]
We provide shoplifting prevention systems and information leakage prevention systems as a company specialized in the security business. We established a company for manufacturing anti-shoplifting tags in Shanghai in 2011 and are also exporting our products there.

Security product manufacturing and sales

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our anti-shoplifting tags are manufactured by etching aluminum foil as the main circuit material. Molten aluminum foil used to be disposed of without recycling. Our die cutting method makes it possible to recycle all kinds of aluminum foil. We have acquired an international patent for this environmentally friendly process. Tags can be detected even when they are adhered to human skin because they are not affected by water content. This has remarkably improved shoplifting prevention performance. We develop and sell shoplifting prevention systems equipped with face recognition engines to identify shoplifters and suppress crime in advance. We developed and commercialized a groundbreaking system capable of detecting paper, which used to be impossible. This prevents information leakage via printed matter, and it is the first system of its kind in Japan.

[Representative's message]
Our factory was the top manufacturer of sewing needles in Japan for 60 years after its foundation in 1917. We initiated our security business when we completed a business change to printing in the decade from 1972 based on our understanding of the future of the needle business. We have a printing department as a separate company specialized in the security business. We also founded a company in Shanghai to sell shoplifting prevention systems and to produce tags. We are now strengthening our sales power to acquire customers in overseas markets as well as the domestic market. We market products by making full use of our unique conceptions and technologies, and not by copying others, with challenge and creation as our philosophy of management.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are now shifting our retailing system to major companies in specific industries and sales activities to growing companies in specific industries. We are also acquiring new corporate information leakage prevention systems and promoting sales activities with affiliated companies under the leadership of dedicated staff. We confirmed the stable production of in-house anti-shoplifting tags at our manufacturing company in Shanghai and are increasing sales with further cost reduction measures. Our sales channels are overseas sales agencies based on our staff in Japan and direct sales. We are now extending our agencies and acquiring chain stores and other major customers for direct sales.

[Market share/Ranking]
Market share of anti-shoplifting tags: About 30% in Japan and 4% abroad.

[Awards and media coverage]
300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs (2008).

ABC TV, “Cast” (April 18, 2013).

[Joint research and development]
Development of resonance circuit manufacturing methods and applications, with Hiroshima Institute of Technology.
Development of bovine rumination and mastication analysis technology and applications, with Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute.

[Other sites]
Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka branch

[Transaction form]
Orders for trial manufacturing and development, OEM contracts, licensing contracts, joint development, product sales dealer contracts.

[Transaction terms]
Based on our terms and conditions.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Our anti-shoplifting tag systems and anti-burglary systems sell well to major volume retailers of home electronics appliances and chain apparel stores in Japan. Our shoplifting prevention systems with face recognition engines sell well to major bookstores and chain drugstores. We sell information leakage prevention systems to the Ministry of Defense and city and local banks.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Sales of anti-shoplifting tags to a major German chain of 8,000 supermarkets in Europe.

[Exhibition History/Information]
AutoID & Communication Expo 2013 (Booth of Sumikin Bussan).
Information Security Expo 2013 (Booth of MIRINE).

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