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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:50:26


We have 60 years of experience in machining processing and assembly in the areas of automobiles and aircraft. 

We possess more than 100 sets of NC compound lathes, machining centers, and measurement equipment. We provide excellent QCDS (quality, cost, delivery time, and service) using our capacity for flexible support from development and trial manufacturing to mass production. 
We have also established a flexible system of support for advanced element technology. This is done by making full use of networks including the Kyoto Trial Manufacturing Network and the Kiseiren (Society of Young Entrepreneurs of the Kyoto Engineering and Metalworking Industry) Network.


[Product description] We design and develop original jigs for mass production that fit the qualities of the material and the shape of the products. Jigs are designed solely for processing particular products, so attachment and detachment can be done quickly, and the processing conditions can also be raised to the highest level. This is how the cycle time can be greatly reduced. Stable accuracy and chatter vibration reduction are realized in the processing by firmly clamping the optimal part of a product, which also prolongs the operating life of the jig. Processing can be performed with stable clamp pressure using one-touch automatic clamp-type jigs that use oil pressure. There is no possibility of forgetting the fastening, as is often the case with bolting using manual-type jigs.

[Product description] Stepped holes are processed using multiple tools in conventional manufacturing methods, such as chamfers, drills, end mills, and reamers. We can finish the work in one process by using special integrated stepped tools. This processing results in a significant shortening of the cycle time. It also improves stability in concentricity, surface roughness, and dimensional accuracy, and suppresses burrs, and so on.


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