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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:49:00

Zaoh Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We offer proposals for short lead times, low prices, and high quality for metal pressing parts.

We provide high-quality products at low cost in short lead times under optimal process management and quality management. This is done by simplifying the processing of modifications in metal pressing and reducing worker-hours for higher efficiency. We also strictly manage appearance quality by utilizing the know-how we have accumulated in nameplate production since our foundation. We have extensive experience in trading with major companies and also in joint R&D with public organizations.

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[Company strength]
The chief engineer of each department can make the best proposal for providing products to the customer with short lead times, low prices, and good quality. This is because of our integrated in-house production system. We have achieved short lead times and low prices by simplifying the processing of modifications and reducing worker-hours for high efficiency. We provide high-quality products under process management and quality management by the inspection department. We have a mold department in-house, so we can solve mold issues easily and can deliver molds quickly without any delay. Silk-screen printing requires jigs and tools for printing on products of various shapes. However, we are improving productivity and extending the area of silk-screen printing because the mold department can easily create jigs and tools.

[Business description]
We are a manufacturer of metal pressing parts. We manufacture molds, NC processed parts, pressing parts, and silk-screen printed parts by integrated in-house production. We also manufacture a variety of  nameplates using various printing and special processing methods.

Metal pressing part and nameplate manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Many of the orders we receive are for exterior parts from light electric appliance manufacturers. Both pressing parts and nameplates are always under strict appearance quality control. This is based on the know-how that we have been accumulating since our foundation regarding the production of nameplates as exterior parts. We support various products because we produce pressing products with strict dimensional tolerances for light electric appliance manufacturers.

[Representative's message]
We managed to make profits by sales to the light electric appliance manufacturers on our customer list until four years ago, when the founder was the president. We are thinking of increasing sales with our in-house sales force and also by using effective Web matching sites like this one. We anticipate new transactions with manufacturers in Japan and abroad in future. In the past four years we have also assigned high priority to developing original in-house products, and we will extend the sales channels of Kururun Rohto.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will have a section to deal with new customers and hold meetings with manufacturers in Japan and abroad. Our engineers will have direct meetings or visit customers as required. In some circumstances engineers will accompany customers to ensure smooth proceedings. We will all support new customers under the leadership of the president.

[Awards and media coverage]
The 6th TASK Monozukuri Award: Prize of Excellence, for Kururun Rohto; Encouragement Prize, for Immersion (December 2011).

Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo Edition (October 14, 2011).

Eco Action 21 and Adachi Brand certification.

[Joint research and development]
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Institute (Kururun Rohto, 2011).

[Transaction form]
Trial manufacturing, reception of mass-production orders, and consignment processing.

[Transaction terms]
Upon consultation.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Tokyo International Gift Show; Tokyo International Industry Exhibition; Design Festa; Adachi Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Festa; Adachi Messe; The 78th Tokyo International Gift Show Autumn 2014.

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