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Latest update: 01/06/2020 08:20:46

Tanaka Engineering Inc.

Optoelectronic component manufacturing and brittle material processing

Difficult-to-process materials such as optical glass, optical crystals, and ceramics can be processed efficiently with high precision and high quality.
Vacuum deposition is performed in an ultra-clean environment, and high-quality products can be stably supplied by precision cutting processing.

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[Company strength]
It is one of the few companies in Japan that can complete all processes such as vacuum deposition (coating), printing, cutting and processing with an integrated production system.
By completing the process with an integrated production system, we will create quality, delivery, and cost advantages.
We also support mass production and small lot production.

・ Vacuum deposition
Optical filters with high transmission characteristics and high cutoff characteristics deposited in a clean room achieve excellent appearance quality.
We also respond to demands for thinner modules due to lower module height. Regarding the optical characteristics, in addition to the standard type, we also respond to customer requests.

For the camera parts, the IR cut filter and the light shielding film were manufactured separately, but we succeeded in applying the light shielding film to our product's IR cut filter this time. By integrating separate parts into one unit, we have improved performance and made it thinner.

・ Disconnect
We provide key parts such as optical parts for digital equipment by possessing technology for precision processing of difficult-to-process materials with high precision, high quality and high efficiency, especially fine processing. In addition, we perform all kinds of processing from square shape to V-groove, so we can support mass production and small quantity and many types while ensuring high quality.

・ Inspection
With a thorough quality control system, we can stably supply high quality products.
We carry out strict quality inspection under a management system that complies with ISO9001.

・ China factory
As Tanaka Giken's factory in China, it is possible to carry out integrated production from cutting brittle materials, film formation of optical products, and other assembly and inspection.
In China, we collaborate with Japan's leading optical manufacturers to produce with a very efficient production system.

[Strength of products / technologies]
While supporting the consistent and mass production of IR (infrared) cut filters in-house, we are also working daily on other film forming and processing technologies. In addition to IR cut filters, we have various coating technologies in coating technology, and in cutting processing we offer various variations such as square shape, ○ shape, chamfering processing, multi processing etc. I will do it. In addition, we can also outsource the production of optical-related parts at our Chinese factory (founding 12 years) and procure them locally.

[Representative's message]
We have consistently offered the most advanced electronic and optical components required by the times by comprehensively integrating the three core competencies.

CUTTING Technology for cutting and shaping brittle materials with high precision
COATING Thin-film technology for operating light transmission / reflection
CREATION R & D / creation to meet high precision and diverse demands

In the era of the more advanced information society such as high precision information society of the 21st century, environment-driven electric infrastructure, safe type autonomous driving sensor, etc., as a "manufacturing company focusing on technology and R & D," Based on technology, all employees will meet the diversifying and sophisticated needs of our customers.

[Award / Media publication]
Awards: 300 active manufacturing companies in FY2008
Media publication: 2009 NHK J-Tech 1st broadcast / 2009 TKC strategic manager / February 27, 2013 Nikkei newspaper support

[Certification / Permission]
Obtained ISO9001 certification and ISO14001 certification

[Joint research and development record]
Utsunomiya University ND filter development
Developed dry grinding wheel at Saitama University

[Domestic factory]
Chichibu Factory Midorigaoka Factory

【overseas factory】
Dongguan Tanaka Optical Technology Co.,

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