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Latest update: 30/09/2019 14:26:50

Taguchi Plating Industry Co., Ltd.

We conduct more than 50 kinds of plating processing and surface treatments with high quality, high precision, and quick deliveries.

We conduct various kinds of processing and treatment, from low to high technology, and from the micro to the nano worlds. We support general areas of surface treatment such as electroplating, chemical plating, electroless plating, alumite processing, and chemical conversion coating. We offer so much variety we can be called a “plating department store.” We conduct R&D in ultra-fine processing using synchrotron optical X-rays in the nano-technology field. Our target is to be the world’s first micro-machine manufacturer. We hope to actively develop our overseas business in areas such as medical treatment.


[Product description] We are developing technology to manufacture metal micro-gears with a diameter of 0.1 mm or less, micro connectors, micro dies, etc. This is done by casting accelerator synchrotron radiation X-rays through a photo mask (photograph master), creating a mold in a PMMA photoresist, and then applying high-precision thick-film electroforming. We can also manufacture micro parts made of ceramics using our dies. With this technology it becomes possible to manufacture micro parts for precision equipment such as micro-machines and equipment for medical treatment, nano-robots, etc. [Authorization/Certification] We obtained certification from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry under the Act on Enhancement of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises’ Core Manufacturing Technology, and received a subsidy from the national Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program in order to conduct nanotechnology R&D. [Major facilities and equipment] Cleanroom laboratory, resist applicator, etching apparatus, UV irradiation equipment, precision electroforming plating equipment, electron microscope, ICP, X-ray fluorescence analysis device, laser microscope, microscopes, etc.


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