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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:46:25

INEX Corporation

We develop and manufacture customized LED lighting equipment according to requests.

We develop and manufacture street lights, tunnel lights, ceiling lights, instruments for landscape lighting, etc. We can make proposals from the design stage for landscape lighting for illumination and the like. We have extended the lifetime of high-intensity, high-output lighting equipment by installing a heat dissipation component developed using our patented technology. We have realized an operating life of 80,000 hours, in contrast to the conventional 40,000-hour maximum. We are examining joint development of LED lighting equipment, mainly with Asian companies. Our patented technology regarding high-radiation heat dissipation has been adopted by major automobile manufacturers, etc., and joint research is also in progress.


[Product description] Heating densities are increasing due to the densification of electronic components with device downsizing, weight reduction, etc. The downsizing and increasing output power of LED lighting is resulting in increasingly severe temperature environments. This is why our company has focused its efforts on how to dissipate heat quickly. Temperatures can be lowered more effectively compared with conventional heat dissipation methods by applying surface treatment to aluminum material (including die-cast aluminum). In this way it becomes possible to realize downsizing, extension of the operating life, and fanless design.

[Product description] Outstanding brightness and super energy-saving effects. We have prepared a lineup of products equivalent to 1 kW, 700 W, and 400 W mercury lamps. The angle of illumination can also be selected according to the place of use. These products have a vibration-proof and dust-proof structure in order to facilitate their use in factories with crane works. [Authorization/Certification] Acquired ISO 14001 certification and ISO 9001 certification.

[Product description] This LED lighting equipment effectively utilizes renewable energy. It can even be lit when cloudy skies continue for days because of its onboard control system. It can be used as crime-prevention illumination and also as disaster-prevention lighting in the event of a natural disaster. It is equipped with a lithium battery with an operating life that is much longer than a conventional lead battery. It features capacity reduction as low as 20% after 8,000 charge/discharge cycles, which enables long-term maintenance-free operation, including the solar panel, battery, and LED. A product type that is separate from a lighting pole can be installed on existing poles or structures without having to install new poles. In this way it is possible to realize cost savings together with saving energy.