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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:01:09

Kitagawa Electric Co.,Ltd

We design and manufacture various transformers including transformers for medical instruments.

Our business involves various transformers as well as chokes and reactors. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in fields such as solar power generation and other next-generation energy, industrial control instruments, and semiconductor manufacturing instruments. We can provide reliable reactors by using our evaluation instruments. Our NEO series of medical instrument transformers realizes size reduction and light weight while maintaining high safety that meets international standards for medical instruments. We are also working to develop power supply parts that are required as a consequence of the recent trend for the frequency of power supplies to increase. 

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[Company strength]
We have know-how in using cut-core technology for size reduction, weight reduction, thin shapes and custom-made designs. This is how we can provide reliable products that are partial discharge-free. We also have a wealth of experience in receiving medical instrument standard and overseas safety standard certification. We can develop efficient business activities for the overseas market by utilizing six sites in China. These are held by a Taiwanese enterprise with which we concluded a tie-up contract in February 2012. 

[Business description]
We design, manufacture, and sell various transformers. Our key products are transformers for medical equipment, high-voltage transformers, high-frequency transformers, large-current reactors, chokes, various power transformers, AC reactors, DC reactors, and high frequency reactors. 
Our products are applied in medical equipment as well as next-generation energy such as solar power generation, wind power generation, and fuel cells. They are used in industrial control instruments, industrial communication instruments, and semiconductor manufacturing instruments. Our products are also applied in machine tools, developing machines, resistance welding instruments, laser welders, plasma generators, ozone generators, and static electricity elimination instruments.

Transformer manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We can provide reliable reactors by using our reactor evaluation instruments (actual current testing instruments), and by correctly evaluating and verifying product performance. Our NEO series of medical instrument transformers satisfies the international medical instrument standard IEC 60601-1 Third Edition. According to our company’s research in Japan, as of March 2013 no other company’s products can meet this standard. Our product is thinner by about 20% compared with any equivalent products of other companies, even if IEC 60601-1 Second Edition is applied. 

[Representative's message]
Our medical instrument transformer has realized size reduction and weight reduction, while maintaining high safety that satisfies international standards. We will also try to cultivate expansion into the China market, where growth is expected. In recent years, it has become necessary for power supply parts to comply with the use of higher power supply frequencies. This is unknown territory in terms of application to transformers and reactors. We are working hard to develop high-quality products with the introduction of our independently designed, up-to-date testing instruments. In particular, we are contributing to the need to enhance the efficiency of inverter devices by reducing loss in high-frequency reactors. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are establishing an organization to supply transformers for medical instruments that will be superior to our competitors in China. We are doing this by multiplying the high technical know-how of our company with the cost competitiveness of our Taiwanese partner company’s factories in China. We carried out a field survey in the first half of the 2013 fiscal year under the SMRJ’s F/S subsidy program in order to gather information on detailed needs in each area. We carried out design, trial manufacturing, and safety certification acquisition in the second half of FY 2013. From 2014 we aim to develop the market by participating in various exhibitions and business meetings.

Received CB Certification under IEC 60601-1 Third Edition, which is an international standard for medical instruments.
Received ISO 9001 certification and ISO 14001 certification.

[Factory (domestic)]

[Exhibition History/Information]
International Smart Grid EXPO 2013, 2014; TECHNO-FRONTIER 2013, 2014.

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