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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:44:43


We can respond to various FA equipment needs from development and design to manufacturing.

Our main business is in FA equipment, from development and design to manufacturing. We have accumulated various achievements and experience in the field of special-purpose measurement instruments using image processing technology, and FA equipment in which image processing is integrated with automation technology. We can make proposals by making full use of our patented technology for rectangular contactless pads corresponding to the shape of a solar cell. We also offer our ultrasonic wave monitor system, which has solved problems related to ultrasonic wave cleaning. We hope to contribute to our customers in terms of added value and strengthening the competitiveness of their products. We accomplish this by providing our integrated design corresponding to various needs as well as our high-quality service. 


[Product description] The goal of our company’s equipment is to realize automation equipment that matches the customer’s production line. We make proposals to realize the construction of major production management functions and inter-device conveyance technology know-how. These are important for constructing traceability such as labeling in the sorting and packaging of products. We independently developed our contactless pads based on our accumulated know-how. They do not generate hidden distortion or cracks when pulling up cells, unlike conventional cyclone pads. Thus we are making a contribution to our customers in terms of greatly enhancing production yields. [Intellectual property] Contactless Suction Equipment (Japanese Patent Application No. 2010-181444).

[Product description] The goal of our company’s equipment is to realize automation equipment that matches the customer’s production line. We have experience in manufacturing devices for affixing the protective tape required for the back side of the wafer during semiconductor pre-processing. We perform automatic welding and processing of lead frames utilizing the laser of a wafer-end protection device, laser printing, pressing of electronic parts, and package assembly. We also develop labor-saving devices for semiconductor post-processing such as packaging. Our aim is to realize the construction and enhanced productivity of production lines. This is done by integrating each piece of equipment with the inter-device delivery technology.

[Product description] The goal of our company’s equipment is to realize automation equipment that matches the customer’s production line. Inspection is an important process that assures high quality in addition to discovering defective products. We can make proposals regarding a wide range of inspection process fields on the basis of our long experience. These range from tests of electrical characteristics to length measurement. We can also propose in-line measurement in which automation technology is integrated into the assembly and product-manufacturing process in order to establish an effective inspection and measurement system.

[Product description] Jigs are equipment that is full of the customer’s manufacturing know-how. Our company has many “pockets” based on our accumulated experience in the development of various kinds of products in various industries. We perform manufacturing for optimal jig designs based on discussions with the customer and a full understanding of the customer’s requirements. We also conduct R&D for simplified jigs to be used for mass production equipment, and we handle the maintenance and improvement of equipment made by other manufacturers. We can even overhaul equipment for which the maker’s service period has already ended, or when follow-up care has become impossible due to the bankruptcy of the manufacturer. This is done by making use of our experience and technology.

[Product description] Customers all have their own philosophy about cleaning, but the fundamental operation of removing dirt is universal. We develop cleaning equipment in collaboration with the customer in order to enhance cleaning efficiency on the basis of the customer’s philosophy. Many defective products may be conveyed to subsequent processes in the event of a malfunction in an ultrasonic wave cleaning machine. However, relatively little importance has been placed on the deterioration of the ultrasonic wave oscillator in the management of cleaning machines. Our independently developed ultrasonic wave sensor is a sensor that directly manages the ultrasonic waves in the washing tank and prevents defective flows in advance. We can also make in-line proposals where the cleaning process is integrated with an inspection device. [Intellectual property] Device for Monitoring the Intensity of Ultrasonic Waves (Japanese Patent Application No. 2009-162826).


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