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We can respond to various FA equipment needs from development and design to manufacturing.

Our main business is in FA equipment, from development and design to manufacturing. We have accumulated various achievements and experience in the field of special-purpose measurement instruments using image processing technology, and FA equipment in which image processing is integrated with automation technology. We can make proposals by making full use of our patented technology for rectangular contactless pads corresponding to the shape of a solar cell. We also offer our ultrasonic wave monitor system, which has solved problems related to ultrasonic wave cleaning. We hope to contribute to our customers in terms of added value and strengthening the competitiveness of their products. We accomplish this by providing our integrated design corresponding to various needs as well as our high-quality service. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
“Speedily providing high quality.”
We manufacture equipment in an integrated manner from the design of the equipment, electronic circuits and control software, to assembly, adjustment, inspection and start-up. Our small group of highly skilled staff members speedily realizes high quality products by incorporating their areas of expertise into the products. Although we do not have a large staff, we make the best use of their superb expertise in providing optimal equipment to the customer.
I: Integrated design. II: Support for various needs. III: High-quality service.

[Business description]
Our company’s main business is in various kinds of FA equipment, from development and design to manufacturing, with “uniqueness” as our motto. We have accumulated various achievements and experience in the field of special-purpose measurement instruments using image processing technology. We also supply FA equipment in which image processing is integrated with automation technology, targeting customers such as semiconductor manufacturers and automobile parts manufacturers. Along with our usual areas of business we are expanding our business supporting customers in a wide range of business areas from consignment product development to consignment mass production.


[Strength of products/technologies]
Our rectangular contactless pads (*patented technology) correspond to the shape of an optical solar cell. They eliminate the hidden distortion that occurs when pulling up with conventional round-type pads (which is a cause of cracks), thus contributing to a major improvement in yields. This technology constitutes our core technology for transfers because of its applicability to areas other than the solar field. It is also possible to integrate it with automatic robots manufactured by other companies.
Ultrasonic wave monitoring: We have developed an epoch-making monitoring system that solves issues in ultrasonic wave washing. Continuous variation can be monitored using our independent algorithm. Unlike conventional methods, the monitoring can be performed from outside the washing tank, so it is also effective in preventing deterioration of the probe.

[Representative's message]
We have been developing equipment with a focus on automation technology and measurement technology since our foundation in 1991, with the aim of being the company closest to our customers. With the dramatic changes in recent times, the production systems required by the user are also becoming diversified. Our customers will not necessarily require equipment from out of a catalog. Various needs arise based on each company’s own philosophy and concept, including the circumstances of the installation site. We aim to speedily support such a variety of customer needs based on our wealth of experience. We are also actively expanding our efforts to industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, solar cell manufacturing, and electronic parts manufacturing starting from our labor-saving technology as the foundation. We supply customers with new ideas as we further accumulate technologies, so we can live up to your expectations.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We established a new information security team last year in the course of our transactions with our major corporate customers. This team is enforcing countermeasures against information leaks by arranging a system for managing the secret information of our corporate customers. We are also strengthening our organization by reinforcing our links with our trading partner companies, and by employing staff who are experienced in overseas business.

Niigata prefecture Eco-Business certification.

[Factory (domestic)]
Muikamachi main factory

[Other sites]
Niigata drafting room

[Transaction form]
Orders for trial manufacturing and development, OEM contracts, joint development, consignment processing, sales of products and materials, and so on.

[Transaction terms]
Please contact us.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Alps Electric; NEC Casio Mobile Communications; Covalent Materials; Sanyo Electric; Sanyo Semiconductors; JX Nippon Mining & Metals; JX Metal Precision Technology; Showa Denko; Taiyo Yuden; Nippon Mining & Metals (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.; Nihon Kizai; NEC; Panasonic; Fuji Film; Fuji Xerox; Fuji Xerox Manufacturing; Fuji Electric; Union Tool.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
ON Semiconductor; Sanyo Semiconductor Vietnam Co., Ltd.; IMI; IR; Panasonic Energy Malaysia.

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