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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:44:18


We are a manufacturer specialized in heading parts, including the manufacture and sale of heading parts as well as customized heading processing.

Many of our orders are from the electronics industry and auto industry. Almost all of our products have distinctive characteristics as a result of our focus on enhancing technologies. This includes the mass production of hard-to-process heading parts, and other technically difficult parts. The screw feeder we developed in-house and productized is compact, inexpensive, and energy saving in comparison to the conventional bowl-shaped type. We are continuing to make steady progress in the local market in Thailand, with the start of operations at our new plant and the like.


[Product description] Heading processing is also called header processing. It is a type of processing that involves the plastic deformation of metals using molds. Heading processing is known as a manufacturing method for common screws, such as those for Phillips screwdrivers, but it can actually be used to manufacture specially shaped articles. Heading processing is quite appealing in terms of its productivity and cost performance compared to other processing methods, especially when the parts have to be manufactured in larger quantities. Our company has offered heading processing methods for specially shaped machining parts since its establishment. We have been successful in many cases of realizing technically hard-to-process heading parts. [Authorization/Certification] Acquired ISO 9001:2008, Eco Action 21, Sony Green Partner, and Canon Certificate of Green Activity certification.

[Product description] This small, lightweight, and energy saving device is suitable for cell production, or as a screw parts feeder for various automated machines and inspection machines. It was created as our own original product, and it also excels in cost performance. The alignment works when the device is in a suspended position, so we recommend it for aligning round head screws and other header screws. Our lineup consists of a series of three products (NJN-052, NJN-200, and NJN-Z). Specially equipped models are also available. These include models with a cut mechanism for automatic screw robots, and for cleanrooms. Please consider introducing our products for various electronic devices such as HDDs, and assembly processes for mobile devices including smartphones.

[Product description] These miniature screws have been gaining attention from various fields, such as healthcare, precision devices, and hobbies. Miniature screws are used much more than before in some industries such as wristwatches. However, they have not been widely distributed because of their limited application. Manufacturers have also been unwilling to produce in small quantities and it has been difficult to find an appropriate manufacturer in terms of technical difficulty. All of these factors made it difficult to procure these screws. We can supply in small quantities (in units of 100). This is done by stocking certain sizes as standard products.