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We are an R&D company that mainly deals with molds for car interiors and the construction of mold manufacturing systems.

We deal with cemented carbide tools, parts for special-purpose machines, and resin recycling. We are trying to establish our own original structure and construction method in technological development by collaborating with our customers and suppliers. These unique technologies are utilized in our products. We manufacture one-of-a-kind products with trusting relationships with our customers and equipment makers nurtured through joint patent applications. We can accept orders in English, German, and Chinese, and follow-up services can be provided by our partner makers located in other regions. 

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[Company strength]
Our strength is that we can provide the exact products that match the needs of the customer, from precision products to very large products. This is done by utilizing an organization specialized in job-shop type production of unique products, mobility, the power of our facilities including our large equipment, and manufacturing with patented technologies. We have also been planning for financial stability by diversifying our business. This has resulted in stable growth in recent years under a self-supporting accounting system for each division. 

[Business description]
We are an R&D company that mainly deals with the design, production, and construction of molds. These are for car interiors and new mold manufacturing systems, as well as cemented carbide tools, parts for various special-purpose machines, and resin recycling. We actively promote creative business operations. 

General tool and machinery manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We are able to get involved in the development of new technologies that are not seen among our competition by establishing collaboration with our customers and suppliers. We are working to establish original structures and construction methods based on the development information from these fields of expertise. These unique technologies are utilized in our products. The trust with our customers and equipment makers that has been nurtured through joint patent applications is also one of our major strengths. 

[Representative's message]
We would like to bring the high technology, high quality, and wealth of experience that we have accumulated in the Japanese market over the years into new markets. Our molding department specializes in large parts. The machinery department is good at machining precision parts, and maintains a customer acceptance rate of 99.975%. The tools department is shifting from automobiles to the aviation industry, and the electronics department has accumulated intangible know-how. This is all done using our accumulated know-how. Each department has distinctive characteristics and a competitive edge. What is common among all the departments is that they produce one-of-a-kind products. We are working to deliver our high quality, high precision, high know-how products to customers around the world. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We support English, German, and Chinese. Overseas customers can receive follow-up services from our 100% subsidiary in China, or partner manufactures in other regions. 

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and Aichi Brand Company certification.

[Joint research and development]
Technological development for reducing the weight of automobiles, in cooperation with major auto manufacturers, major machinery manufacturers, and major chemical material manufacturers.

[Transaction form]
Mold design and production, consigned prototype development, measurement, consignment manufacturing, machining of precision parts, and product and material sales. 

[Transaction terms]
Based on our terms and conditions.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We have indirect dealings with almost all Japanese auto manufacturers; also OEM for household appliance manufacturers, and major toolmakers.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Our products are exported to the US, Canada, China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Europe.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Local exhibitions; Intermold Shanghai.

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