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Takeda Machinery corporation

Our company has been called “the savior of ironworks” because of our comprehensive strength that makes any project possible.

Our company has produced core parts for national project products in its more than 100 years of history. These were ordered by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, Mitsubishi Electric, Yanmar, Daihatsu, and other companies. They were used in a wide variety of fields, including energy, healthcare, aerospace, defense, foods, and public works projects. We have the comprehensive strength to support various kinds of projects with our large 5-axis machining equipment and other large-scale equipment. We also make use of our technologies, human resources, speed, cost, and so on. We have been ranked as a top-level domestic manufacturer, and have been featured in overseas magazines. 

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[Company strength]
We manufacture many core products for national projects and major products in Japan. Sales from major customers have grown to become the largest factor in our machining division. This is a result of our focus on enhancing facilities, technologies, and human resources (especially the younger generation). We are familiar with all energy fields in addition to power generation, and do business in the medical, aerospace, defense, food, and public sectors. We have the kind of large facilities that are not commonly seen in SMEs, in addition to our large 5-axis machinery, so there is almost nothing we cannot process. Unlike other companies in this industry, our company has a lively atmosphere. This is because we have many young employees, and the average age of our company employees is around 35.

[Business description]
Our company has a tradition that dates back more than 100 years. Since 1946 we have been designing and manufacturing hot-bulb engines in Bizen city. In the 1960s and 1970s we started to specialize in metal machining work for marine, boiler, and thermal power generation parts for IHI. Our dealings with other major enterprises started during the 1970s and 1980s with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, JFE, and Kobe Steel. Since the 1990s our customer base has expanded further to include other companies, such as Mitsubishi Electric, Japan Steel Works, Yanmar, Daihatsu, Kitz, and Ube Industries. 

Metal product manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company has been called the savior of ironworks because of the many times we have achieved things that no other company could achieve. We have also heard from customers that we seem to make more durable products than other domestic companies. Our customers have rated us at the top level in Japan in terms of our comprehensive strength. This includes our technologies, facilities, and speed, which allows us to deal with any product, from small to large, thin to thick, and from hard-to-machine to high hardness materials. We have also been featured in magazine articles overseas. 

[Representative's message]
People around the world who really want Japan’s products and technologies cannot buy them because the yen is too strong. We have always thought this was a misfortune for the world. We are hoping that Japan’s technology will be re-evaluated, and that we can contribute to the world whenever a strong demand arises. We aim to enhance our technology so that we can adapt to the times.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have always recruited a few new graduates every year (five university graduates this year), even during the recession. We have focused on training the younger generation, so every part of our organization is getting stronger, including the worksite, quality control, sales, and general affairs. In 2012, we acquired JIS Q 9100 certification so as to actively enter new fields where higher quality is required. 

[Market share/Ranking]
We have the largest domestic Japanese shares in most of the main component markets for medical, thermal power generation, gas turbine, and pump products. (We also confident that we are No. 1 in Japan in terms of emergency support for wind power generation, hydroelectric power generation, bulbs, and marine parts.)

[Awards and media coverage]
Excellent Quality; Excellence in Technical Skill Testing; Cooperation in Lead Time Reduction, and so on.

NHK Close Up Gendai; Sanyo Shimbun; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, etc.

JIS Q 9100, JIS Q 9001 (May 25, 2012).

[Joint research and development]
Research on optimal cutting conditions for the hard-to-cut material Inconel (prefectural industrial experiment station).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (gas turbines, pump parts), IHI (thermal power generation, pressed parts), Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi (MRI, cancer treatment devices), Yanmar, Daihatsu (marine parts), Japan Steel Works (defense products, injection molding machines), Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding (marine parts, wind power generation parts), JFE (medical parts, aircraft parts), Kitz (bulbs), and so on.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2012.

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