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Filter materials can be completely cleaned within the facility. Our original sand filter technology for advanced treatment has been patented. 

All of our offerings are our own unique products. We have planned, developed, and offered our own unique water treatment equipment for water and sewer services nationwide. We also provide waste disposal facilities for municipalities and other water treatment equipment for private factories. Our sand filter for advanced water treatment is a globally unique technology. It eliminates dirt on the surface of the sand, and prevents the occurrence of mud balls, which had long been viewed as a challenge. The cleaning capability and stable water quality of this excellent filtering material have been highly praised. They have also been adopted as measures for ground subsidence (return flows). 

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[Company strength]
Our company has planned, developed, and proposed our own water treatment facilities for water and sewer services nationwide since its establishment. This has been done for waste disposal facilities in municipalities, and for various private factories. All of our offerings are our own unique products. Sand filters have a long history of development. We devoted our attention to their limitations in terms of insufficient cleaning of the sand, and we have recently realized complete sand cleaning. We will further expand our business mainly by planning and proposing sand filters that supply stable-quality filtered water. 

[Business description]
Our company was established in 1974. We have been producing results in our own way in the marine products industry and water treatment field ever since. Under the theme of “water,” we have been able to leave our mark in these fields both domestically and abroad. We overcame the difficult ordeal of new technology development and evaluation. We have planned, developed, designed, manufactured, implemented, and sold dust extractors for preprocessing, and machines such as chemical feeding facilities for sludge treatment. This was done in the field of water treatment for private factories, including water and sewer services.
Securing valuable water resources and improving water quality are now very important because of water shortages. This is why we have re-examined the sand filter, which is an important factor in water treatment, and have resolved problems with prior products. 

Water treatment facility manufacturing and sales

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our sand filter for advanced treatment has resolved the fundamental defect of the filter material cleaning method that had been used in conventional sand filters. This has realized complete cleaning of the filter material within the facility. This is a unique method not seen anywhere else in the world (already patented). It is a groundbreaking technology for removing dirt on the sand surface, thereby preventing the long-challenging problem of mud ball creation. This excellent filter cleaning capability has been well received as it can supply stable-quality filtered water. The product has also been adopted for ground subsidence measures (return flows). 

[Representative's message]
Water treatment technology originated in Western countries, and has mainly been developed in the West. However, our advanced technology has surpassed the conventional technology and created a whole new market in Japan as well as overseas. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The sales department in our headquarters has personnel in charge of new customers who respond to all inquiries from major enterprises or overseas customers. Staff in the technology department respond to technical inquiries as necessary to solve problems, and sometimes visit the site. Support for new customers is overseen by the president to ensure sincere support for overseas customers. This includes information collection and management.

[Factory (domestic)]
Niigata, Kanagawa

[Other sites]
Headquarters, Tokyo / Osaka branch

[Transaction form]
Product sales.

[Transaction terms]
Our billing cycle ends at the end of the month, and balances are paid via cash transfer by the end of the next month. Overseas shipments are packaged and handed over at our warehouse in Japan. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Sato Foods, Kurita Water Industries, Kanto Natural Gas Development, Nihon Tennen Gas, Ise Chemicals, NEC Computer Techno (Kofu Office), and many other Japanese plant makers, including end users. 

[Exhibition History/Information]
N-EXPO 2014 (scheduled).

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