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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:42:45

Nippo Electronics Co., LTD.

We offer in-house development of electronic devices and electronic systems and plasma devices.

In developing electronic devices we make full use of both digital and analog technologies in designing, developing, and manufacturing unit circuits and system circuits. Our company offers many plasma device products. These include plasma processing equipment and video and data transmission equipment with wireless technology. We cater to a wide range of applications from research to production. We provide total solutions through process consulting. We have dealings with customers in various fields, so we have reinforced our development and production system to cater to any needs that may arise. 


[Product description] The NPD-1015 is an analog/digital video transceiver, and the NPD-1206 is a digital Hi-Vision transceiver. These products are waterproof and dust-proof, so you can use them outdoors without minding the weather. Also, the user can move around while using the product because of its compact, lightweight body and simple operability. The directional parabolic antenna makes it possible to transmit over long distances. We can deal with various customizations according to the customer’s needs. These include isolation of the high frequency and base band components, or frequency changes, etc.

[Product description] The device establishes a network from a sensor terminal to a receiving terminal and to an information-gathering terminal. It collects data that originates from the sensor terminal. The data can be utilized in data analysis and crisis management by sending the sensor terminal data to a receiving terminal within a fixed device or mobile device. The sensor can be customized to suit the customer’s requests. The sensor terminal is waterproof and dust-proof, so it can be used outdoors. The terminal operates for a long time as it has both batteries and solar cells.