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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:00:42

ASTEER Co., Ltd.

We are an automobile parts manufacturer engaged in integrated production of body frame and collision safety parts.

We have developed a safe and convenient capless filler pipe and a low-cost, energy-saving direct electrification method hot stamping technology. This was done the basis of our various independent technologies such as pressing, rolling, pipe processing, resin molding, soldering assembly, painting, and so on. We have obtained worldwide patents. We participate in development from the concept stage as an enterprise that makes development proposals. This is why we can make proposals backed up by the results of CAE analysis and various tests. We are further planning to expand our overseas activities by making use of our network with overseas affiliates and collaborating companies.


[Product description] We have developed a new hot press processing method employing direct electrification as the heating method. It is energy efficient and highly productive. We used our independent partial non-hardening technology to optimize the energy absorption characteristics by controlling the mode of distortion during collision, and welded portion breakage can be prevented. Higher strengthening can also be realized in combination with roll forming. [Market share/Ranking] Hot press parts: 1% share of the Japanese market. [Authorization/Certification] ISO/TS 16949 certification, ISO 14001 certification, Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program certification. [Intellectual property] Japanese Patent No. 5380632. Patents pending: 7 applications including Japanese Patent Application No. 2010-070806. [Major facilities and equipment] Direct electrification heating instrument, impact testing instrument, vibration and fatigue testing instrument, and so on.

[Product description] We have developed a new fueling system by abolishing the operations for opening and closing a cap. This can prevent fuel leakage due to incorrect handling by the user. It enables safe and comfortable fueling during self-fueling, as well as enhancing convenience in fueling. Our independent fueling gun identification mechanism technology (patent pending) enables highly accurate prevention of incorrect fueling with the wrong fuel. [Market share/Ranking] Filler caps: approximately 3% share of the Japanese market (no. 2 share in Japan). [Authorization/Certification] ISO/TS 16949 certification, ISO 14001 certification. [Intellectual property] Patented: 5 patents including Japanese Patent No. 5090280. Patents pending: 7 applications including Japanese Patent Application No. 2007-331518. [Major facilities and equipment] Endurance testing instrument, SHED testing instrument, thermostatic bath, cold thermal shock testing instrument, vibration and fatigue testing instrument, 3D microscope and so on.


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