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Latest update: 09/01/2020 15:25:10

Fujii Seisakusyo Co.,Ltd.

We use slit rolling technology to manufacture metal cores that reinforce automobile parts.

We use slit rolling technology to manufacture metal cores that reinforce automobile parts.

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Sales Pitch

We offer a wide range of processing services including metal processing and plastic forming in low-volume high-mix lots. We are capable of meeting your need for single-item manufacturing. We can fabricate what you want even if you don’t have a design drawing.
In order to stabilize the quality of products, we use our original technologies for development and improvement activities. 
We employ our own slit rolling technology to produce metal cores that are used to reinforce weather strips for automobile interior parts.
We internally developed exclusive manufacturing equipment and are constantly making efforts to stabilize the quality of our products.
As stated above, we are making various development and improvements for quality stabilization.
Our company;
- Is doing business in the medical field
- Can make what you want even if you don’t have a design drawing
- Can meet needs for single-item manufacturing

In recent years, we have been working in the medical field and have done commissioned processing of masking materials used for proton therapy, small steel articles used for medical purposes, and the like. Traditionally, small steel articles for medical use were manufactured one by one by craftsmen. Due to the shortage of craftsmen, however, such manual process is no longer possible. What is more, there are many cases where no drawing exists. We can make drawings from actual products even if there is no drawing and fully utilize machining to manufacture such products. We accept orders for single-item manufacturing. We also custom-make products in accordance with doctors’ requests.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We cater to various needs by using a wide range of technology know-how from precision presses to machining as well as resin molding. We are also developing new technologies by actively partnering with universities to utilize these new technologies in the solutions we offer to our customers. 

[Business description]
We use our accumulated molding technology as our core technology and perform precision press processing and machining. We also sell industrial sewing machine parts and other industrial equipment parts. We have extended the application of press technology to manufacturing and selling metal cores for weather strips for automobile interiors, and weather strips made using resin extrusion molding. 

Transport equipment manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We manufacture metal cores such as reinforcing parts for weather strips (automobile interior parts). We use our own unique production method called slit rolling. Our production volume amounts to around 400,000 meters per month for some vehicle types, so high precision and stable quality are required on our side. We have managed to develop dedicated production equipment through our own unique technology. This has enabled us to detect any irregularities in product quality and send feedback to the processing side, thus realizing automation and stable quality.

[Representative's message]
We have expanded into other fields using our accumulated processing technologies as our core technology. Our company recently began medical equipment production, and we have been helping our customers to process hard-to-machine materials by means of our technology. We are also actively partnering with universities to promote new technology development and to contribute to revitalizing the domestic manufacturing sector. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our sales department responds to inquiries from new customers. The department has staff who are knowledgeable about technology so they can work out any issues together with the customer. The department also conducts necessary coordination to solve various technical issues through collaboration with universities and the community. 

[Market share/Ranking]
20% of the domestic weather strip metal core market.

[Awards and media coverage]
Strength of Chiba: SME award (2012), The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Kanto Branch Technology Award (2012).

ISO 9001 certification; Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program certification.

[Joint research and development]
Tokyo University, Chiba University (development of press composite/compound technology).
Chiba University, Nihon University (development of slit rolling technology).

[Transaction form]
Orders for trial manufacturing and development, joint development, consignment manufacturing, product sales, etc.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
JUKI Corporation (consigned processing, since 1955), Kinugawa Rubber Industrial (consigned processing, since 1962), Nippon Sheet Glass (consigned processing, since 2008), National Cancer Center Hospital (consigned processing, since 2012), Institute for Solid State Physics of the University of Tokyo (consigned processing, since 2013). 

[Exhibition History/Information]
TOKYO ECO STYLE EXPO 2013; Factory Network Business Conference 2011; Processing Technology Expo 2014 (scheduled).

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