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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:00:24

Green River Inc.

We can build electric power stations even on difficult sites due to construction techniques based on our four distinct methods.

We primarily develop construction techniques for photovoltaic power stations. We also rent and sell special formwork materials. Our large-scale electric power plant construction techniques enable construction even in difficult locations. This is done by utilizing technology we cultivated in the construction of large LNG plants and the overhead line for the Kyushu Shinkansen bullet train. We entered the mega solar power station industry in 2012 and are also accumulating results in this field.

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[Company strength]
We have researched and developed photovoltaic power station construction techniques that are unique to and patented by our company. They make use of manufacturing technology cultivated during the construction of large LNG plants and the overhead line for the Kyushu Shinkansen bullet train. On average there is one construction technique per company in the construction of large-scale electric power stations. However, our company has four distinct construction techniques, which has enabled us to handle even difficult construction locations. We also have many staff with strong results in construction. As of the end of January in the current term, our company boasts over 130 MW of construction. This puts us in the top class of Japanese firms by construction results.

[Business description]
We are engaged in EPC, small- and large-scale electric power station sales and installation, and technology development. We also rent and sell special formwork materials.

Construction and civil engineering

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company’s construction techniques are unique to us. They were born from the idea of transforming a one-function worker into a multi-function worker. Typically, when a foundation is created, it is necessary to have skilled workers who specialize in one particular section, such as formwork carpenters, plasterers, machinists, etc. Our company’s techniques make it possible for us to carry out construction on every section together, even without specialized skilled workers in every section. This is how construction that required approximately 3 months with traditional construction techniques can be completed in approximately 1.5 months (assuming construction of 1 MW/6 people). We can manage daily workloads through the amount of self-developed construction materials that we allocate, so construction period plans can be easily created and labor costs can be saved. Foundations constructed by our company are designed in accordance with the JIS C 8955 standard.

[Representative's message]
We entered the mega solar power station industry in November 2012 to put to use the construction and civil engineering technology our company has cultivated over many years. Around a year after we entered the market via our two proprietary technologies, we had achieved top-class results in construction in Japan and raised our sales as well. Next, we will expand into the EPC business nationwide. We have new patents pending on technology for this purpose. We have also set our sights on advancing into overseas markets, and at the PV System Expo 2014 we built contacts with many overseas firms.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have established sales departments in the Fukuoka and Tokyo branches as national points of contact for clients. This will strengthen coordination between the construction and sales departments, and enable us to smoothly approach customers. We have also established an affiliate company in the promotion sector. This company will work on branding operations and expand sales of our construction technology. Further technological development takes place centered on our company president. New technology is created through the process of feedback and information sharing between the construction and sales departments.

[Awards and media coverage]

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Tokei Joho, Tokyo Keizai, Business & Technology.

NETIS registered (New Technology Information System from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism [MLIT]).
New Partnerships approval (co-jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism [MLIT] and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry [METI]).

[Other sites]
Headquarters, Fukuoka

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Kyudenko Corporation, Taihei Kogyo Co., Ltd., Kyocera Corporation, Nippon Express Co., Ltd., CHUDENKO CORPORATION, and Nishinippon Plant Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Architecture + Construction Materials 2013, PV System Expo 2014 (February 26 to 28).

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