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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:40:34


Our company has successfully developed technologies for semiconductor assessment measuring instruments, such as technology to generate electrostatic discharge waveforms.

Our company’s business area includes developing measuring instruments for semiconductor assessment (ESD testers), OEM business, and other product development for various fields. We established a technology for ESD testers for generating good electrostatic discharge (ESD) waveforms after extensive R&D and improvement. Our automatic measuring instruments for electrostatic discharge damage and analyzers are based on this technology. 


[Product description] Our electrostatic visualization monitor allows for real-time monitoring of amounts of static electricity. The device uses multiple sensors to capture static electricity area by area without moving the sensors. It allows the user to monitor the waveform and removal status of static electricity. The charged state is clearly indicated using color gradation (red is +, blue is ?). The indication can be switched to charged voltage. This is the world’s first product that visualizes the amount of static electricity by color and numeric value.

[Product description] This automatic measuring instrument for semiconductor ESD damage is test equipment that measures the damage resistance of semiconductors and electronic parts when electrical stress due to static electricity is applied. Recent semiconductor devices have lower static electricity tolerances due to the shift to high integration and low voltage. It has become necessary to implement protective measures for the internal circuits of semiconductor devices to prevent malfunctions of electronic devices due to ESD. Our automatic measuring instrument for semiconductor ESD damage is used to measure a device’s ESD tolerance during QA inspections, delivery inspections, and so on. [Market share/Ranking] Over 70% share of the domestic market for automatic measuring instruments for semiconductor electrostatic discharge damage.


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