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Latest update: 09/01/2020 15:25:05

Pla-Tech Co., Ltd.

Our company specializes in product development that utilizes our patents in the lighting and LED technology fields. 

Our company develops, manufactures, and sells LED lighting equipment such as high ceiling lamps, street lamps, and security lamps. We have acquired patents in the development of LED substrates that control the direction of light by using reflective plates and lenses. We utilize our patents to develop products that no other competitions can complete. We also have other manufacturing operations. These include precision insert molding such as bus bar electric circuit boards, and mold manufacturing for precision injection moldings. We have a joint venture in Dalian, China to expand sales for overseas expansion.

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Sales Pitch

LED lighting equipment, precision insert molded products
We develop our LED lighting equipment internally.
Our patented technology achieves high efficiency and a long life.
Our main products include high ceiling lighting, security lights with monitoring cameras and bridge railing lamps. They are also all designed to be a substitute to conventional mercury lamps.
We accept custom orders to meet the specific needs of customers.
We internally manufacture products to respond to the QCD requirements of customers.
Our precision insert molded products are delivered directly to Tier 1 manufacturers of automotive parts.
We design, produce and deliver products based on customer requirements. (We have collaborative relations with some partner companies to enhance development capabilities.)
Our insert molding technology is one of our strengths since our company’s inception, and we can meet a wide range of requests.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
1. Our company utilizes mold making and mold processing as core technologies to develop new businesses such as LED products.
2. We have internal development and design engineers so we can smoothly conduct all processes of product development, manufacturing technology, and quality control in-house. 
3. We have are a relatively young staff, with an average age of 35. We have a sufficient organizational framework for handing down technologies and skills.  4. We have a joint venture in Dalian, China, which we can utilize to offer competitive prices. 

[Business description]
1. We develop, manufacture, and sell LED lighting equipment.
Our main products include LED lamps for high ceilings, LED street lamps, LED security lamps, and LED rail ramps.
2. We manufacture and sell precision insert molding.
We supply bus bar electric circuit boards for in-vehicle use.
3. We manufacture and sell molds for precision injection molding, and molded works. 

Electronics application product manufacturing (LED lamp development and production), and plastic molding

[Strength of products/technologies]
1. In-vehicle precision insert molding is our new business, in which we utilize our core technologies such as mold making and mold processing for injection fabrication. Our technological strengths in material and structural development allow us to effectively respond to customers’ needs. This leads us to develop and manufacture products in a comprehensive manner. 
2. We have utilized our lighting technologies and LED technologies to acquire patents on light distribution technologies and heat dissipation technologies. This has enabled us to develop advantageous products. We usually develop products in different fields than our major competitors.  

[Representative's message]
Our company started as a partner company of a major lighting equipment maker. Our customer’s operations changed, so we had to start new businesses so that we could be independent. Our new businesses now account for 100% of our sales volume.
We developed LED lamps by pursuing efficiency from a woman’s perspective. We patented measures for controlling light direction and heat with the use of reflective plates and lenses as part of our LED substrate development process. Our products have distinctive features that are superior to the competition.
We are proud of our products, but we are not well known, and we have not acquired a large share of the market. We are currently dedicated to sales activities to expand sales. We welcome support and recommendations from our customers. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have received a certain level of appreciation in our dealings with major companies in the fields of product development capability, production technology, and quality control. This is a result of our organizational framework in which products are developed by the development, manufacturing, and sales departments working as a single team. 
Our company has a joint venture in Dalian, China. We hope to sell the products we developed in Japan via this joint company.
We are concerned about acquiring new customers, as we do not have sufficient sales personnel. However, we hope to actively work on this by receiving sales support from related parties. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Nikkei; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun; Gunma Keizai Shimbun; Jomo Shimbun; Business Journal (Gunma Television). 

Management Innovation, New Partnerships, Monozukuri SMEs for Trial Manufacturing subsidy, and New Technology Development Foundation approval.
ISO 9001 certification.

[Joint research and development]
Joint development with Tomo Industrial Technology Center, Gunma Industrial Technology Center on LED lighting technologies, such as light distribution and thermal simulation. 

[Factory (domestic)]

[Factory (overseas)]

[Other sites]
Research & development facility, Gunma

[Transaction form]
Cash transactions only.

[Transaction terms]
Our billing cycle closes at the end of each month, and payment is due at the end of the next month. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Showa Denko Aluminum Trading (LED rail lamps and street lamps), Hitachi Automotive Systems (in-vehicle electric circuit boards), and so on. 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Dailian Sanwa Precision Machining Co., Ltd. (joint venture) 

[Exhibition History/Information]
SME Expo Sougouten; Eco Products; Monozukuri Technology Exhibition and Fair; Upstream/Downstream Business Matching; SME Expo Sougouten 2014 (planned); Monozukuri Technology Exhibition and Fair 2014 (planned).

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