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Latest update: 02/09/2022 14:09:32

Okatsune Gears Manufacturing Co., ltd

We develop gear products available for a broad range of module processing and purpose-use equipment.

We manufacture various gears, and we have also commercialized high-pressure washers, oil changers, and mat cleaners. Our gear products are spur gears and helical gears for processing from Modules 1 to 6 and spline shafts for processing from Modules 1 to 4. We handle various kinds of products with our lineup of high-pressure washers for water jetting pressures from 5 up to 35 MPa.

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Sales Pitch

Top manufacturer of high pressure washers and gears

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Gear division: We have been committed to the integrated production of various gears since our foundation. We have received awards such as the Award for Longtime Trading (Kubota Corporation, 2011) and awards for excellent quality from major manufacturers. We have much experience and technical know-how in the production of these products. We can meet client requests for high-mix low-volume production with high quality at low cost.
Assembly division: We design, manufacture, and sell maintenance-related products and cleaning equipment for automobiles. We have been able to win popularity among clients in the automotive and other industries and are now aiming at further development. We provide well-considered support and quick after-sales service using our network of three factories and five sales offices in Japan. Our attitude is to please our customers.

Business description
Gear division: Integrated production of various gears.
Assembly division: Various high-pressure washers, oil changers, mat cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and so on.
Development, manufacturing,and sales of automobile-related servicing products.

Gear manufacturing: automotive machine and instrument manufacturing.

Strength of products/technologies
Gear division: The main gear products we have manufactured so far are spur gears, helical gears, spline shafts, and internal gears. We have also manufactured hypoid gears, worm shafts, worm wheels, racks, and sprockets. We can process spur gears and helical gears from Modules 1 to 6, internal gears from Modules 1 to 10, and spline shafts from Modules 1 to 4. We support JIS Class 3 accuracy.
Assembly division: We have also developed a wide variety of many devices for automobile maintenance and cleaning. These include hot-water high-pressure washers, oil changers, mat cleaners, vacuum cleaners, part washers, nitrogen gas generators, and Freon gas cleaners. We also produce automatic washers for construction machinery, vehicle disinfection systems, and various gear pumps and vacuum pumps. Our lineup of high-pressure washers is widely applicable in various industries. They provide water jetting pressures from 5 up to 35 MPa.
We also support customization according to our customers needs.

Representative's message
We have been committed to the integrated production of various gears since our foundation. We have been developing and selling unique products for automobile maintenance by predicting developments in the automotive industry. These products include washers and oil changers. In future, we will extend our channels in Japan and also widely overseas. We will start with the Southeast Asian countries that are showing remarkable economic development. We believe we will certainly be able to contribute to local society by aiming to produce low-priced, high-quality products.

Company structure for market development/overseas expansion
We opened our Ho Chi Minh City representative office in June 2012. Four local employees are now stationed there for negotiations with clients in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries, and also for quality management and paperwork. In August 2013 we acquired a local corporation license in Vietnam. We are now rapidly proceeding with construction of a factory in the Nhon Trach III industrial complex. A Japanese local project manager and factory staff will be positioned there after its completion and we will start trial production. This office will be an important site for overseas procurement and the exploitation of overseas sales channels.

Market share/Ranking
Assembly division: In the automobile servicing field, we have the top market share in Japan for hot-water high-pressure washers, nitrogen gas generators, and automatic washers for construction machinery.

Awards and media coverage
Award for Longtime Trading (Kubota Corporation, 2011); Award for Excellent Quality (Akashi-Kikai Industry Co  Ltd  2002) Commendation for Being Disaster-Free (Himeji Labor Standards Association, 2004).

The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers  Association, Fuma  (February 2012); Nokei-shimpo (February 18, 2013); FM Kumamoto (August 23, 2012); The Daily Nenryo-yushi (many times).

ISO 9001

Factory (domestic)

Other sites
Tokyo branch

Transaction form
Product sales, agency contracts, consignment manufacturing, OEM contracts, and joint development.

Transaction terms
By consultation.

Main Clients / Business History (domestic)
Gear division: Kubota Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (entrusted production for each company).
Assembly division: Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd., Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Nissan Parts Sales Company Group, and so on.
Many major trading firms and manufacturers of automotive equipment.

Exhibition History/Information
SME Fair 2013 in Kansai and many other areas in Japan; AUTOTECH & ACCESSORIES SHOW 2013 SEMA SHOW 2013; Business Link Shobai Hanjo 2014 (scheduled), and many others in Japan; AUTOTECH  ACCESSORIES SHOW 2014 (scheduled); and SEMA SHOW 2014 (scheduled).

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