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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:39:09

Tsukasa Denki Co., Ltd.

We develop soil-culture type plant cultivation machines to grow very nutritious plants.

We built our own building equipped with amorphous solar cells and see-through solar cells. Through this experience we have developed proposals for storage batteries, power generators, and other emergency power supply facilities, and also for photovoltaic generation systems. We have also promoted R&D for plant cultivation machines and nursery chambers. We have particularly worked on plant-based soil research at an experimental farm located in Tamba Shinoyama, Hyogo Prefecture. We measure environmental data about climates and soils suitable for plants. We work hard on research using our soil-culture plant cultivation machines.

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[Company strength]
We have been providing hard and soft solutions meeting the needs of many clients ever since our foundation. This is always done with customer-oriented flexibility. Power supply facilities and equipment are our main products. The staff in charge provide total coverage from proposals and quotations to sales, installation, and maintenance. We started working on photovoltaic power generation more than 20 years ago. In 1993 we led the world by constructing our own building equipped with amorphous solar cells and see-through solar cells in order to popularize photovoltaic power generation. In 2003 we established a plant division and began soil and climate research at an experimental farm located in Tamba Shinoyama, Hyogo Prefecture. We have been continuously pursuing the realities of the soil. We will always strive to provide better products.

[Business description]
Energy division: Proposal, installation, and maintenance of emergency power supply facilities (storage batteries, power generators, uninterruptible power supply devices, etc.) and photovoltaic generation systems, carried out by staff in charge.
Plant division: R&D, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of plant cultivation machines and nursery chambers.

Electrical equipment (proposal, installation, and maintenance of storage batteries, power generators, solar cells, etc.)
Manufacturing (small plant cultivation machines and nursery chambers)

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our technological strength in electricity control and proposal-making power are highly evaluated by people in charge at governmental agencies, office buildings, and hospitals. These are the target customers of our leading power supply equipment products. We are now working for many clients in the Kinki, Chubu, Hokuriku, Shikoku, and Chugoku regions. We are developing and manufacturing our unique plant cultivation machine on the basis of environmental data on soils and climates suitable for plants. We are also making use of the cultivation know-how we have nurtured. Our machine constantly cultivates very nutritious plants regardless of the season. They have higher energy than what is provided in the general nutrient composition lists.

[Representative's message]
We have been working with service and contribution to society as our basic philosophy since our company’s foundation. We have learned many things in our 41-year history. This includes the importance and necessity of making proposals and creating things by always considering our customers’ problems. We must also consider what is necessary in today’s society, and what is to be handed down to the children who will shoulder the burdens of society. We will strive to play a part in advancing industrial development by expanding our technological foundation to meet diverse customer needs.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our main line of business is industrial power supply equipment and photovoltaic power generation systems. Staff in the sales department are responsible for the process from proposals to installation after directly checking the requests of each client. A team will be set up in the general affairs department for our plant cultivation machine. We will provide faithful development, exploitation of new markets, support, and proposals.

[Awards and media coverage]
Osaka Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Excellent Company Award (Artisan), 2011.

Yomiuri Shimbun evening edition (June 19, 2004); NHK news (September 17, 2004); Yomiuri TV, “Osaka Honwaka TV” (September 12, 2004); Yomiuri TV, “Zoom In Asa” (January 27, 2005); Gakken Kodomo no Kagaku for Third Graders (October issue in 2005); and various other media outlets.

[Joint research and development]
We completed a closed-type pesticide-free plant cultivation machine by means of industry-university collaboration with the University of Osaka Prefecture. We then developed a wasabi cultivation machine and obtained management innovation plan approval from Osaka Prefecture. We have been receiving academic guidance from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Setsunan University, since 2013.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We usually deliver emergency storage batteries, DC power supply devices, power generators, and various other power supply equipment. These are for buildings of governmental agencies, hospitals, commercial facilities, offices, and factories requiring emergency power supplies. We also install industrial photovoltaic generation systems at private companies.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Kansai Santo Business Fair, November 2012; Business Messe 2012 for Biwako Lake Environment, October 2012.

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