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Latest update: 26/08/2020 10:51:44


COMFORTLAB FOOTNAVI NBO  We develop various types of insoles by measuring the soles of the feet.

Our company has been expanding its manufacturing and sales of miscellaneous health care products, concentrating on foot care products such as insoles. We have developed sensors that can measure foot pressure during walking, insoles, and foot pressure measuring devices as well as analysis know-how.
We have successfully developed an algorithm that can make product recommendations reflecting individual characteristics measured in a short time with our sensors. This algorithm has reached the sales stage.


Scanning Feet in a Second FOOTNAVI 3D Scan is a totally new function that uses the 3D image taken by smartphone on the server, measures foot size, width and height in a second, and then recommends the shoe size that best fits your feet. Foot Data is Saved by Mypage on the Internet Shopping Page FOOTNAVI 3D Scan is a unique scanning system that combines the latest image processing, data analyses, recommendations, and algorithms.   It is easy to use. Just open the Internet shopping page and go to the link, then take photographs of both feet with your smart phone. The image processing program on the server converts the photo into a 3D image and analyze the size data. Your foot size data will be registered on the Mypage of Mizuno Internet Shop so that you can always receive recommended shoe information using this data. Providing Appropriate Shoe Size Use the 3D Scan and save your foot data, and the program will tell you “which shoe size fits your feet” when you purchase shoes from Internet shopping sites or an actual shoe store. Use FOOTNAVI Recommend Solutions’ advanced registration of your shoes. It matches your foot size to shoes of an appropriate size when Internet shopping. Cooperating with Shoe Stores Save customers’ measurement data obtained by FOOTNAVI at shoe stores in Mypage and establish an integrated recommendation style. ・Support provided by both digital data and face to face counseling through data sharing. ・Providing a new service corresponding to health and beauty care needs. ・Sharing data of foot condition and size using cloud service with other sections and services provided by business relations. ・Providing attractive products and service in cooperation with the local medical community.

■Simultaneous measurement of size, foot sole pressure and center of gravity can be done This system enables the simultaneous measurement of size, plantar pressure and center of gravity by mounting a camera on the upper part of the plantar pressure sensors. Sensors for plantar pressure measurement are arrayed at intervals of 5.0 mm so that an approximately 300 x 350 mm wide measurement is possible. Illustration of different colors at 11 levels is displayed on the screen. Application of judging the compound measurement result of plantar pressure and balance of the center of gravity is loaded and automatically determines foot condition. ■Can be used for various purposes Reflected data can be printed and saved for customer management and database construction. It will be useful for product development and planning of new services including data transfer to smart phone with QR Code reading and analyses of customer trends and needs from the database. Additionally, this system shows the gravity center fluctuation value, which can be adopted to various fields, including rehabilitation. (* Additional fees may be required. Please ask for details) ■ Offering Service Beyond What Your Customers Need Although the number of fitness-conscious people and requirements for healthy shoes have increased, there are not enough personnel who have the know-how to conduct full-scale shoe fitting. Also, ordering shoes that fit each person’s feet is expensive, meaning shoe stores are not responding to each person’s request. Footnavi, a foot measurement/judgement system, can measure the size, pressure, and center of your gravity to learn your condition and recommend most suitable insoles and shoes, which leads to activated purchasing. You can install this system at your shoe store and show customers the condition of their feet. Footnavi is an application system that can offer a service beyond your customers need by knowing the condition of their feet and assisting them to select products that solves the problems their feet have