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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:38:19

Windnavi Co., Ltd.

We propose unique ventilation systems to save energy in buildings.

Our company plans and designs air conditioning and ventilation equipment to promote energy saving. We are also engaged in manufacturing, sales, and consulting regarding related equipment and materials. We developed the Wind Navi ventilation system, which has realized efficient ventilation even at a low blow rate. This system reduces the consumption of power and other energy as well as operation costs. We make proposals for buildings with higher air pressure inside than outside to prevent incoming dust. We are accumulating achievements in proposing positive-pressure buildings. Our company has patents in Japan and abroad, and experience in joint research and development with the Kyoto Institute of Technology.


[Product description] Raising or lowering the internal temperature of a factory or kitchen without changing the current ventilation method requires an enormous air conditioning capacity. Buildings must have positive internal pressure to prevent incoming dust and insects for sanitation purposes. This makes it necessary to forcibly take in an enormous amount of outdoor air, but consequently causes particles and dust to soar due to turbulence or eddy currents. The large volume of incoming air disables air conditioning as well. This means a great loss of air conditioning energy, so the volume of ventilation should be reduced to make the pressure positive while maintaining air conditioning performance. Reducing the volume of ventilation without changing the ventilation method will cause heat, smoke, and smells to remain in a room. This will worsen the room environment, and does not improve air conditioning. We need a new ventilation method for efficient exhaustion at a low blow rate to solve this problem. [Intellectual property] Two patents in Japan and one patent in USA; made available and registered as trademark. [Major facilities and equipment] Green laser (current visualizer), thermographic camera (thermal environment measuring apparatus), noise meter, radiation thermometer, wind meter, illuminometer, and smoke tester.

[Product description] This is a dedicated ventilation apparatus born from our Wind Navi system for efficient ventilation at a low blow rate. This general-purpose product can be mass-produced to implement systems at low cost. A nose duct is suspended from the main body of the product, which is embedded in a ceiling. The bottom end of the nose is turned up in a U shape to form an upward blow-back port. This port blows a powerful guided air current to the exhaust port of the main body along the nose surface. The air current that is blown out and the one that is sucked into the exhaust port form a push-pull current. This current attracts and gathers the ambient air at the exhaust port. Heated or contaminated currents are consequently guided to the exhaust port while their diffusion is suppressed. [Authorization/Certification] Certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: MLIT Notification No. 1842 and Certificate No. VEC-0001 (October 29, 2010). [Intellectual property] Three patents in Japan; already made available.

[Product description] This is a dedicated ventilation apparatus for smoke separation that was born from our Wind Navi system. It implements efficient ventilation at a low blow rate. This general-purpose product can be mass-produced. [Intellectual property] One patent in Japan; already made available.

[Product description] This grease filter incorporates our new Elenose. It is now under development, and will also be used as a dustproof filter for a wet-dry scrubber. The conventional BAFFRESH grease filter is as thick as 30 mm, while this new filter is as thin as 17 mm. This is a low-noise filter with low pressure loss, which can be used even when the passing wind velocity is 2.0 m/s or more. The oil and particle removal ratio has been increased more than 30%, and exceeds 80%. The filter is easy to clean and can be used repeatedly. This porous filter is made of nickel. It is lightweight and easy to attach and detach. It can also be used as an anti-insect and anti-dust filter for a power feed because of its high aperture ratio and low static pressure loss. The blowing speed can be suppressed even in a small area, which enables uniform diffusion and supply.

[Product description] Dense contaminants produced by the Wind Navi system are released to the exterior by efficient ventilation at a low blow rate. This high-performance scrubber eliminates smells, oil soot, and particles by immersion in water and filtration so as not to disturb neighboring residents. A prototype has been completed.