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ELMEC Corporation

Delay lines enable acceleration and downsizing of electronic parts.

We are a manufacturer and vendor specialized in high-speed, small delay lines and electronic parts employing delay lines. We make full use of our exclusive design and 3D electromagnetic field analysis skills to develop a broad range of ultrafast, small delay lines and their applied electronic products. This includes product types that have high resolutions and highly stable variable mechanisms, and small laminate types using LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramics).

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[Company strength]
We are a manufacturer specialized in ultrafast, small delay lines. We have been actively engaged in developing high-speed small delay lines that are ahead of the times. We do this in order to comply with the speed increase and downsizing requirements of electronic equipment. We have established an integrated production control system covering the whole process from design to production. We can make custom-made products according to customer requests. We have HAST chambers, thermal shock devices, and other devices for quality control. Our quality assurance system is well designed, based on various examinations including regular reliability testing. We have outstanding achievements in terms of RoHS and other environmental quality practices, including receiving Sony Green Partner certification since the inception of the program.

[Business description]
We design, manufacture, and sell delay lines and electronic parts employing delay lines.

Electronic parts manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We take full advantage of our delay line design and 3D electromagnetic field analysis technologies to develop ultrafast, highly accurate delay lines that competitors cannot produce. We are capable of providing any type of delay lines. These include variable types with high resolutions and highly stable variable mechanisms and small laminate types using LTCC (low temperature co-fire ceramics). We have developed a broadband contact inspection tool and support technology that can completely avoid any tool loss. Our inspection tool and its support technology provide a measurement range of 20 GHz. We have delivered presentations about our measurement system in technical seminars held by measurement equipment manufacturers.

[Representative's message]
We have been offering inventive products based on our exclusive high technology together with the constant growth of the electronics industry. We are determined to develop products that will contribute to advancing the world as well as Japan. We will need your support and encouragement to achieve our purpose.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have business relations with many leading companies in Japan and abroad in the delay line trade. Many big Japanese companies have been using our delay lines in their communications equipment for 18 years. We also have successfully delivered delay lines to the US aerospace industry, which is extremely strict about product quality. As a general rule we deal with customers in Japan on a direct trade basis. However, we can trade through trading houses specified by customers or our recommended distributors. We have a subsidiary in the USA and are ready to offer products and after-sales services to overseas companies.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our share of the delay line market: 75% in Japan and 50% abroad.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] 24th SME Excellent New Technologies and Products Awards, Award of Excellence (2012).  

[Media] Dempa Shimbun, “Common Mode Noise Absorption and Reduction Parts: CDLD Type” (May 2012).

ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2000 certification in October 2001, changed over to ISO 9001:2008 in August 2009).

[Joint research and development]
Joint research by Matsue Elmec, our subsidiary, and the Shimane Prefectural Industrial Technology Center (development of common mode filters, 2012–2013).

[Transaction form]
Product sales.

[Transaction terms]
We issue invoices at the end of the month and all invoices should be paid in cash by the end of the next month.

[Exhibition History/Information]
SME Expo Sougouten 2 in INTERNEPCON 2014.

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