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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:00:02


Zero Bump is an advanced damping material rubber compound that converts vibration into electrical energy.

We are expanding the manufacture of damping and noise reduction products that make use of the highly efficient Zero Bump damping rubber composite. Zero Bump is lightweight compared with conventional damping materials. It can be applied to a number of different markets. These include industrial products that require suppression of motor sound and vibration, seismic-controlled housing materials that suppress earthquake vibration, and audio products in which sound quality is especially valued. It is also highly useful for noise reduction for home electronics appliances and the processing technology field.


[Product description] Our Zero Bump can provide electrical energy loss in addition to mechanical loss by viscoelasticity. This is why it has vibration absorption characteristics twice as high as conventional damping materials. Isobutylene-isoprene rubber systems and asphalt systems are widely used in conventional damping materials. However, they only transfer vibration into thermal energy by using viscoelasticity or the friction effect of inorganic filler, and the vibration absorption effect is not high. The product also tends to become heavier as the performance is improved, since it depends on the mass rule. Zero Bump has vibration suppression performance that is twice as high as conventional products. Flexible layouts become possible by utilizing its light weight and capacitance-saving. [Market share/Ranking] Newly developed products. [Authorization/Certification] Received EcoStage 2 certification (October 2003). Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program approval (April 2010). New Partnerships 2012 approval (October 2012). [Major facilities and equipment] RⅡ-2FC electric hot rolling mill for trial manufacturing. HS-100 100-ton electrical hot pressing machine for trial manufacturing. DR-7100 acoustic vibration portable data recorder. LA-3560 highly efficient precision noise meter.