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Latest update: 27/04/2017 13:59:58

SAK Co., Ltd.

We manufacture anti-fall net fences to prevent ceilings and external walls from falling due to earthquakes or deterioration.
We manufacture lightweight ceiling systems that do not fall or break.

Our company conducts R&D to prevent external walls, ceilings, and other non-structural members from falling or to make them resistant to earthquakes. We also provide products that do not collapse. It is a feature of our anti-fall net fences for existing ceilings that fluorescent lamps can be replaced without demolishing the existing ceiling. We conducted a demonstration experiment on 40-kg suspended ceilings and other falling objects and Sojo University conducted a 100-kg loading demonstration experiment. No damage was caused in these experiments. This proved that our products are very practical and safe.

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[Company strength]
Our failsafe anti-fall net fence can be attached without demolishing an existing ceiling. Hanging bolts, wires, anti-fall nets, and metal accessories are used under an existing ceiling. We plan, design, propose, and install failsafe measures based on our patented anti-fall net fence according to possible falls from buildings. We have received about 40 requests and inquiries from throughout the nation since the current government determined a related cabinet order (in July 2013). We will work together with a major steel company for quotations and construction. We have already made applications for three patents related to our business for inventions by our representative Sakuragi.

[Business description]
Our company proposes plans and designs for our patented anti-fall net fences for existing ceilings and newly established and newly built vibration-absorption systems for suspended ceilings. (Trade names: anti-fall net fence for existing ceilings and SAKCS.) Our integrated services include quotations and subcontracting. Our patented new ceiling system is a preventive measure against the collapse of deteriorated external walls and suspended ceilings. It falls under the “Other ceilings” category other than specified ceilings under the Building Standards Act Enforcement Order (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Notice No. 771) as revised in April 1, 2014. Our company does everything regarding development.

Anti-fall net fences for existing ceilings and newly established and newly built vibration-absorption systems for suspended ceilings planning, design, and construction

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our failsafe anti-fall net fence underwent a demonstration experiment for a ceiling and other falling objects at the development laboratory. The falling objects included a 40-kg suspended ceiling, 10-kg ALC plate, and 32-kg steel plate. It also underwent an anti-fall net fence loading demonstration experiment at Sojo University, for withstanding pressure from 0?100 kg per 0.09 square meters. Our product suffered no damage from these experiments. We offer a vibration-absorption suspended ceiling system for newly established and newly built ceilings (SAKCS). It falls under the “Other ceilings” category other than specified ceilings where the mass of the ceiling is 2 kg or less per square meter. This makes it unnecessary to follow the verification route based on the Building Standards Act. Designers have a great advantage of applying for confirmation according to their own safety judgment.

[Representative's message]
Our company was founded in January 2009. Our representative Sakuragi has been committed to personal R&D on anti-fall measures for ceilings for the last 5 years. This is the culmination of 40 years of experience of contributions to society in the architectural field (university, super general contractor, and overseas). The Technical Standards concerning Measures to Prevent the Fall of Ceilings in Buildings were enacted on April 1, 2014 following the trend of the times. Our anti-fall net fence for existing ceilings and our vibration-absorption suspended ceiling and its construction method have already been patented. They comply with the standards and provide effective measures against falls and earthquakes. We hope to engage in joint business with major companies to develop sales channels in Japan and abroad.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our president and company representative has mainly performed R&D, patent acquisition, and investment thus far. The president and commissioned consultants coordinate planning, design, material acquisition, and construction with partner companies and universities (demonstration experiments, etc.) to promote technical development with business tie-ups. We will establish a domestic sales system by sincere cooperation mainly with major companies. Our products are also sufficiently marketable outside Japan. We are thinking of working together with major foreign-affiliated companies.

[Awards and media coverage]

Featured in Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun, "Ganbare Jiba Made in Kumamoto" (April 12, 2013); Nishinippon Kensetsu Shimbun, "Tadaima Technology and Merchandise Attracting Attention" (February 13, 2014); Nishinippon Kensetsu Shimbun, "Tadaima Technology and Merchandise Attracting Attention" (April 14, 2014).

Management Innovation Plan certification (Clause 3, Article 9, of the Act): August 16, 2010.

[Joint research and development]
Faculty of Engineering, Sojo University (loading demonstration equipment on failsafe anti-fall net fence with pressure from 0?100 kg per 0.9 square meters at pitches of 900 and 1,800, since December 2013).

[Factory (overseas)]
Development laboratory, Kumamoto

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Amakusa City: Ariake Spa Center (failsafe anti-fall net fence works in June 2014); Nagoya City: Gymnasium (anti-fall net fence works against falling objects in March 2014); super general contractor (planning and design of anti-fall net fences at a nuclear power station, including manual preparation and net processing in August 2013); anti-fall net fence works against the falling of eave ceilings at an elementary school (April 2014); anti-fall net fence works against the falling of ceilings at a hall (April 2014).

[Exhibition History/Information]
Architecture Exhibition NAGOYA 2014 (44th) and Construction Technology Expo 2014 Kinki.

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