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We have a record of delivering high-precision hand grinders and pencil-type electric tools.

Our top business is hand grinder manufacturing, and our products have a significant share of the domestic Japanese market. We also manufacture various kinds of electronics equipment and tips for industrial tools. We work hard to realize a fine, precise finish, and on processing to remove burrs, in order to create electric tools with excellent accuracy, power, and operability. We also have experience of developing handpieces equipped with a hand switch in the area of pencil-type electric tools.

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[Company strength]
We believe the degree of recognition of our company has been increasing among our Japanese customer companies and their overseas affiliates. This is due to our steady long-term product development and manufacturing and sales. An increasing number of our domestic competitors and overseas companies are expanding their business in the Japanese market. However, we are maintaining a share of nearly 70% of the hand grinder market in Japan. This is because we conduct three aspects of customer support in an integrated manner. These consist of support for precision electric tools, for tools for precision processing, and for a support system based on full knowledge of these tools.

[Business description]
We develop, manufacture, and sell precision electric tools (main products: hand grinders). We also manufacture and sell various kinds of electronic equipment and various tips for industrial tools (such as cutters, whetstones, and diamond tools).


[Strength of products/technologies]
Professionals support our products as the standard for electric tools. A strength of our company is that we integrate all the elements that satisfy many customers, such as accuracy, power, operability, functionality, and safety. We can maintain the quality of our craftsmanship level by combining our long-term experience and knowledge with our tools for fine, precision finishes and processing to remove burrs. This cannot be realized by large-sized machinery. We have developed a handpiece equipped with a hand switch, which is the first such product in the pencil-type power tool industry.

[Representative's message]
Our company’s products are utilized mainly in Japan’s key industries, such as the die, automobile, and light electrical appliance industries. However, domestic demand has significantly decreased in recent years because of the growth of overseas manufacturers. We have seen some recovery among automobile manufacturers since last year, but the change of manufacturing bases, such as increasing local procurement, seems to be further increasing. This year we hope to be more strongly conscious of overseas expansion.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We plan to start operations in Indonesia in order to expand our marketing in all ASEAN countries with Indonesia established as our base. We conducted a feasibility study on business profitability last fiscal year with the F/S support of SMRJ.

[Market share/Ranking]
Hand grinders: 70% share of the domestic Japanese market.

[Factory (domestic)]

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Major machine tool trading companies in Japan.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Dealers in the United States, Europe, Russia, China, and countries in Southeast Asia.

[Exhibition History/Information]
JIMTOF(Tokyo); M-Tech(Tokyo,Osaka,Nagoya); INTERMOLD(Osaka,Nagoya,Thailand); MESSE NAGOYA(Nagoya); METALEX(Thailand)

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