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Latest update: 27/04/2017 13:59:47

Honda Plus Co., Ltd.

We developed the MetaPearl bottle, which has a metallic texture.

We are a leading manufacturer specialized in small and thin plastic products made by direct blow molding. Our company established the world’s first blow molding technology for PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) resin. We develop key components for molding machines used in the manufacturing of small blow containers. We also developed the MetaPearl bottle, which excels in external appearance quality because of its pearl-like texture. It was realized through our own unique formulation of materials.


[Product description] The beautiful pearl texture and deep, brilliant polish of this material surprise everyone. This pearl-like texture used to be obtained only by adding pearl pigments before molding, or by painting with such a pigment after molding. This texture can now be obtained with a single molding process. This is the MetaPearl resin offered by our company. This new technology can reduce lead times, as it does not require post-processing. You can save the costs of paint and painting jigs, and can make operations more manageable in terms of environmental impact and cost. [Authorization/Certification] Acquired ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2008 certification; Certified Aichi Brand Company (Certification No. 120). [Intellectual property] Trademark rights (3) Main contents: specified products are packaging containers; corporate mark “HONDA PLUS+” symbol; product mark “MetaPearl;” and brand mark “case by case”). Patents (15) Patents pending (8) Main contents: blow molding, tool cases, cosmetics bottles, interdental brushes, and so on. Registration ratio: 87%. Number of patents filed: 35. Utility model rights (3) Main contents: plastic containers, flat containers, small plastic products, and so on. Number of patents filed: 13. Design rights (24) Main contents: packaging containers, secrete design, and so on. Number of patents filed: 50.