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Latest update: 09/01/2020 15:25:08


We provide food packaging developed using water-based inks and without the use of organic solvents.

Our company uses gravure printing to manufacture packaging for foods. We produce environmentally friendly packaging by making full use of water-based gravure printing and non-solvent lamination technology. Our water-based gravure printing technology makes it possible to print on plastic films with water-based inks. Our non-solvent lamination technology uses solvent-free adhesives.


[Product description] We developed the world’s first gravure printing technology for printing on plastic films with water-based inks. This used to be considered impossible. We minimize the use of solvents for printing not only by modifying the materials (film and ink), but also by improving the plate-making method and technology, and the printing press. Food manufacturers can provide safer and more secure foods to consumers by using solvent-free packaging. At the same time, we achieve fine printing with higher reproducibility than oil-based printing. [Market share/Ranking] 80% in the field of water-based gravure printing. [Major facilities and equipment] Printing presses supporting water-based gravure printing: 9 units.

[Product description] Food consumption is naturally decreasing as families become smaller and the birthrate declines, and commodities at supermarkets and convenience stores are expected to have zippers for re-sealing. The sales of portable foods greatly depend on whether they can be sealed again. Our company has manufactured zipper bags as a converter. They have beautiful finishes and functions not available from other companies, including manufacturing from the zipper part (tape). In particular, our smart-cut zipper bag (the world’s first pillow bag with a zipper), developed two years ago, could not have been implemented without our company’s unique zipper manufacturing method. This product is not available from any other companies.

[Product description] Adhesion to the contents or non-adhesion can be selected according to the characteristics of the contents. A tube type or flat type (supporting automatic filling and packaging by a machine) can be selected according to the manufacturing method. Full printing is possible with both the tube or flat type. The heat shrinking of a film makes the finishing tight, so the product decorativeness improves.