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Latest update: 27/04/2017 13:59:40

Futec Origin Corporation

We manufacture image processing inspection equipment, oiling devices, and other products for metal-related industries.

Our metal surface inspection device detects various defective parts on steel sheets, including scratches, dimples, and dents, by size and area during online operation. It automatically inspects all the surfaces of various steel sheets for scratches, including hot-rolled, cold rolled, acid washed, and surface treated steel sheets. We use a suitable camera for the customer’s conditions, such as the line speed, and the size that the customer wants to detect. This is so we can propose an optimal system. Our overseas project department can directly do business with customers in English. We also have overseas sales agencies and partner companies to facilitate quick responses. 


[Product description] This device uses multiple sensor cameras on the production line. It gathers and analyzes information on defects such as dents and dints as well as scratches on steel sheets during online operations. This contributes to the user’s good Monozukuri craftsmanship practice by accurately detecting the size (width and length) and area of defects at high speed. This device can automatically inspect all the surfaces of various steel sheets for scratches, including hot-rolled, cold-rolled, acid washed, surface treated steel sheets.