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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:34:44

Ironworks Une Co., Ltd

Our company provided the floodgate that protects the Miyajima World Heritage Site from flooding.

We are a well-established floodgate manufacturer. Our company was founded in 1916. We supply floodgates at the openings of banks along the seashore and rivers. We are also engaged in all the processes of designing, manufacturing, and installing watertight panels that are often installed at the entrances of subways and underground shopping areas. Many of our floodgates are installed in Hiroshima Prefecture, where our company’s headquarters is located. The derricking tide gate installed at Miyajima prevents flood damage during high tide and typhoons by raising a heavy gate with an electric hydraulic cylinder. This gate was designed elaborately to make it almost unnoticeable when it is lying on the ground, so that both the scenery and the safety of the community are protected.


[Product description] Sudden rainstorms in recent years have often caused flood damage in many areas in Japan. Naturally the government should respond to this situation. However, we are all required to develop measures for a business continuity plan (BCP), and steadily execute tasks to protect various facilities and our lives. These watertight doors for BCP measures are manufactured utilizing the water-stopping technologies that we have accumulated for half a century as a floodgate manufacturer. We will propose an optimal gate for the installation conditions in such a way that it can stop water through one-touch operation without fail. This even applies to a high-pressure gate installed on an underground floor with a long design head.

[Product description] Our gate was installed at Miyajima, which is one of Japan’s three most famous sights. This was required to preserve both the scenery and the safety of the community. It is installed on the main approach to Itsukushima Shrine, which is a World Heritage Site, so we decided on a derricking format, and coated the entire gate surface with silica sand. When the gate is lying flat on the path, the silica sand helps the gate blend into the surrounding sand, and the gate becomes undistinguishable to most people. The heavy gate is erected by an electric hydraulic cylinder to protect the city of Miyajima in the event of a high tide or typhoon. It is still protecting the city against flood damage even after more than 20 years since its installation. It is a representative product that embodies our company’s policies.