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Ironworks Une Co., Ltd

Our company provided the floodgate that protects the Miyajima World Heritage Site from flooding.

We are a well-established floodgate manufacturer. Our company was founded in 1916. We supply floodgates at the openings of banks along the seashore and rivers. We are also engaged in all the processes of designing, manufacturing, and installing watertight panels that are often installed at the entrances of subways and underground shopping areas. Many of our floodgates are installed in Hiroshima Prefecture, where our company’s headquarters is located. The derricking tide gate installed at Miyajima prevents flood damage during high tide and typhoons by raising a heavy gate with an electric hydraulic cylinder. This gate was designed elaborately to make it almost unnoticeable when it is lying on the ground, so that both the scenery and the safety of the community are protected.

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[Company strength]
It has been 98 years since our company was established. We utilize our accumulated experience, know-how, and solid quality management in providing reliable products. Our products are prepared in-house, including design, manufacturing, and installation, so we can propose optimal flood protection works for the location. Our products can be made from a wide range of materials, including iron, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys, and they are installed securely by qualified personnel. We also manufacture large items, using a yard that is temporarily assembled for manufacturing products up to 100 meters in length. 

[Business description]
We develop products as a floodgate manufacturer with the concept of eliminating floods around the world. We have provided flood protection works to safeguard our customers’ properties and lives against floods. This includes various floodgates installed during public works projects along seashores and dam openings, and watertight panels at the entrances of buildings, subways, underground shopping areas, and other underground spaces. 

Metal product manufacturing (design, manufacturing, and installation of watertight panels and various floodgates)

[Strength of products/technologies]
Flood protection works are used in emergency, so we stick to intuitive, one-touch operations so that a gate can be closed without fail in a sudden situation. Our derricking watertight panels can be securely closed by using a single lever. They can even be operated by women with little strength, elderly people, or people unfamiliar with operating machines. These devices are not affected by blackouts, as they do not use power. They can be erected easily even if the water supply is cut off, by using a bicycle pump that is installed at the site. 

[Representative's message]
Our company has made various floodgates for more than half a century, and our gates are still protecting communities. Extreme weather such as sudden rainstorms as well as the rising sea levels caused by global warming have often brought about urban flood disasters in recent years. These urban flood disasters cause flood damage in a limited area, during a short time period. We firmly believe that anyone should be able to close our company’s gates without fail in an emergency in order to prevent and alleviate flood damage. We will continue to work hard every day to secure the safety of our communities through disaster prevention measures.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has developed and manufactured floodgates for half a century. We can provide floodwall gates and BCP gates that are optimal for the installation environment. Our welding supervising engineer has a 2nd grade qualification as a welding supervising engineer for aluminum alloy structures in addition to aluminum alloy welding qualifications. Our products are shipped under solid quality management in all the welding management processes, regardless of whether they are iron, stainless steel, or aluminum alloy. 

[Market share/Ranking]
We have installed many floodgates in Hiroshima Prefecture as a part of public works projects. 
In the BCP project that started last year, we have completed 4 items at 2 sites in Hiroshima, and 1 item each in Tokyo, Osaka, Shiga, Kanagawa, Kochi, and Fukuoka.

[Awards and media coverage]
NHK, “Okonomi wide Hiroshima” (August 26, 2013); TBS, “Hiruobi” (October 3, 2013); Nippon Television, “News Every” (October 5, 2013); “Ima Nama 3 Channel” (March 11, 2014). 

[Joint research and development]
Japan Fluid Power Association; Aqua Drive System.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Penta-Ocean Construction (electric sluice gate); Obayashi (sluice); Kumahira (steel watertight doors).

[Exhibition History/Information]
Chubu Lifeguard TEC 2013 (Port Messe Nagoya); Security & Safety Trade Expo 2013 (Tokyo Big Sight); 24th International Fluid Power Exhibition 2014 (Tokyo Big Sight, planned for September 17-19); Security & Safety Trade Expo 2014 (Tokyo Big Sight, planned for October 15-17).

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