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Latest update: 27/04/2017 13:59:34

HARMOTEC corporation

We contribute to semiconductor manufacturing through noncontact transfer technology and low-stress transfer technology for ultrathin wafers.

We deal with special-shape wafers and cells, and have acquired the largest share of the world market through our unique patented technology. A whirlwind is generated within our CUP transfer equipment, and the pressure occurring in the core of the whirlwind is used to transfer a product. This transfer equipment was created from a new concept that solves common problems such as scratches on the product, dust adherence, and porous cushioning materials not being absorbed for transfer. Our company’s elite personnel can cover a wide range of operations, from development to production. 


[Product description] Our company has developed the KUMADE brand of noncontact transfer technologies. They are mainly used in the semiconductor, FPD, and solar cell industries. We are now working on innovations in transfer methods for other industries such as food and medical devices. Principle of noncontact transfer equipment (patented) Air is injected along the inner surface of a recessed portion to create a whirlwind so that negative pressure can be generated in the middle of the recessed portion. Suction force from this negative pressure attracts and floats the work toward the recessed portion. Meanwhile, as the gap between the lower section of the recessed portion and the work surface becomes narrower, air discharge is further blocked. This causes fluctuation in the speed of the whirlwind, and decreases the negative stress. In this way, the work is stably held in a contactless manner by the force of suction and floatation created by the whirlwind. Characteristics Realizes a highly clean transfer without particle adherence because of its noncontact nature. Thin, warped board-shaped work can be corrected before transfer. Porous work such as cushioning materials can be transferred. Fragile, breakable products can be transferred without receiving much stress. Compared to vacuum suction, stress to the wafer can be reduced dramatically. [Market share/Ranking] Acquired 80% of the market for the semiconductor/LED industry, and the largest share in other industries. [Intellectual property] Obtained 4 patents, including Noncontact Transfer Equipment (Japanese Patent No. 4299104).


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