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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:34:22

Sato Kinzokukogyo Co., Ltd.

Our company can take on the challenge of difficult manufacturing by utilizing our full lineup of high-precision, high-rigidity presses and molding facilities. 

Our main business is pressing processing of auto parts and bicycle parts. Our strength lies in plate forging. We can change the thickness of a plate to create a flat and smooth surface and perform precision shearing, molding into solid shapes, and three-dimensional molding. We can also cover processes including integrating 2 components into a single component, integral molding, boring narrow holes of diameter 1.5 on t6.0 plates by pressing, and pinhole pressing.

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[Company strength]
(1) In-house mold manufacturing: We have been designing and manufacturing molds in-house since our establishment in 1948. Our company has accumulated 66 years of experience and performance.
(2) Trial manufacturing to mass production: For example, if the shape and size are technically difficult, we make a prototype for verification, and use the results in the process design. We can also exchange ideas with the customer for the shape and size or other technical issues.
(3) State-of-the-art equipment: We have ample equipment for our operations. We have high-precision, high-rigidity presses (3 units) and servo presses (3 units) to realize net shape molding. We also have a three-coordinate measuring machine and image-measuring machine.
(4) Human resources: Creating human resources is one of the main issues we are focused on. Employees are trained according to an annual training schedule to facilitate the transfer of skills.

[Business description]
We offer manufacturing and sales of metal pressing parts. We design and manufacture molds for pressing processing in-house. Our partner factories provide thermal treatment, machining, surface treatment, and associated processes. This is how we can offer a complete integrated production system covering all services from pressing processing up to the finished product, along with an established framework of quality assurance. 

Various metal pressing and parts processing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Plate forging is one of the manufacturing methods that our company does very well. Plate forging involves changing the thickness of the material (plate) for the following purposes.
(1) Precision shearing to create a flat, smooth surface.
(2) Three-dimensional molding that creates solid shapes (for example, t4.0 plate materials are re-shaped to have an increased thickness of t6.0).
(3) Integral molding that integrates 2 components into a single component, which eliminates the necessity for welding, calking, or other means of attachment.
(4) Pinhole pressing for boring narrow holes of diameter 1.5 on t6.0 plates by pressing.
These merits make it possible to change the manufacturing method from sintering and machining to pressing. This realizes quality enhancement, shorter lead time, and further cost reduction. 

[Representative's message]
We have mainly been engaged in metal pressing and press mold manufacturing since our establishment in 1948. We recently introduced high-precision, high-rigidity presses, and increased our mold facilities to take on more challenging work, which has resulted in considerable success. If the product is technically quite difficult, we manufacture samples using a prototype mold. This is for verification to ensure that we can design a reliable mass production process, and that quality is maintained. In the future we will refine our response to QDC so that we can enter other fields as a leading pressing vendor. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We organize a project team led by the president for new customers. Technical consulting is provided by manufacturing technology engineers, and they will visit the site whenever necessary. Our QA framework is refined day by day so that even a new product can be supplied to a new customer in a reliable manner. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Osaka Excellent Monozukuri Award (2011).


Acquired ISO 9001 certification (2005); Sakai City environmental challenge company (2013). 

[Joint research and development]
We are engaged in ongoing trial manufacturing and development with a major company.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Our products are not directly delivered, but they are shipped to major automakers and major bicycle makers on a regular basis. 

[Exhibition History/Information]
M-Tech Kansai (2011–13). 

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