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(1) More than 60 years of reliability and experience related to rolling stock and electric power equipment control.
(2) System design by more than 30 designers.
(3) Proposal of 2,500 imaginative and original ideas every year by 200 employees.
(4) A quality management system that always aims for zero defects.

We manufacture various kinds of control equipment, such as for rolling stock and substation equipment. We employ vibration and shock resistant magnetic rotation speed sensors for large moving objects such as rolling stock that require environmental resistance. We have good results in this area in providing ideal rotation control engineering services.


[Product description] We use optical encoders for an environmentally resistant customizable rotation speed sensor and other sensors to detect the rotation speeds of rotating bodies such as motors. These structures are limited in their vibration resistance and durability. Therefore, magnetic rotation speed sensors with simple structures are used for rolling stock and other large moving bodies that require environmental resistance. This is because of their great resistance to vibration and shock. Our company has been manufacturing and selling electric equipment for rolling stock for many years. We have proven experience in the market of rotation speed sensors for rolling stock. We can provide rotation control engineering services suited to the customer’s uses of equipment or devices with rotation speed sensors as the core. [Intellectual property] Rotation Speed Sensor (Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. 2012-207984).

[Product description] This is a device for checking the wiring of devices or equipment (for wiring errors, wiring leaks, or severed wires). It is also used for the same purposes as a conventional bell checker. This checker has the following features that differ from a conventional bell checker: 1) It does not require a wire for wiring inspection (continuity checking) between two points (master and slave units). (The housing or chassis is used for grounding.) 2) It can detect ground faults (contacting the housing or chassis). 3) It can detect the resistance of a wire (wiring) under test by level. [Intellectual property] Handheld Wiring Continuity Checker and Wiring Continuity Check Method (Patent Application No. 2012-89632).

[Product description] This handheld device generates two-phase output signals (phase difference: 90 degrees). This device is used for similar purposes to general-use function generators and oscillators. (1) Handheld type (body dimensions 110 × 240 × 40) that can be used even where no AC power is available. (2) Output frequency correction function. For a train, for example, this function automatically calculates and outputs a frequency from the speed and the number of pulses per wheel rotation. The speed (km/h) and frequency (Hz) are simultaneously displayed. (3) Automatic sweep function (the frequency acceleration or deceleration between two points can be freely set).

[Product description] 1. A special filter removes impurities from insulating oils. 2. The purifier is small and lightweight because of the compact design. This greatly contributes to reducing equipment and operation costs. 3. The filtration capacity can be changed and the filter life can be extended. 4. The purifier operates fully automatically and requires no maintenance. [Market share/Ranking] Market share of on-load purifiers for transformers in Japan: About 20%.

[Product description] In the field of the electric apparatus for electric apparatus for railroad carriages, power station, transformer substations, We pass more than 60, and it is given in trust from a major electrical equipment manufacturer, and a design and development, production examines it. It always produces circumstantial products-resistant of high quality by 5S activity in a maintained factory. [Market share/Ranking] Market share of brakes for rolling stock in Japan: About 50% (subcontractor). Market share of on-load oil purifiers for transformers in Japan: About 20% (Kako Technos). [Authorization/Certification] ISO 9001 certification (2004). 100 Energetic Monozukuri Craftsmanship Enterprises in Kansai 2011 (2012). Excellent Technology Originating in Kobe certification renewed (2012). [Major facilities and equipment] [Design] 3D CAD, 2D CAD [Sheet metal, Machine] Machining Center, NC lathe, Other general‐purpose machine, Laser material processing machine, NC turret punch press, others [Examination, inspection] Constant temperature tank, Harness checker, Various examination inspection facilities


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