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Dry etching processing technology with high crystal frequency

Manufacturing crystal devices such as quartz resonator, crystal filter/oscillator. We developed the dry etching processing technology (plasma etching) to prevent noise of high frequency circuit, which is ideal for high frequency crystal products. We are currently involved with silicone/wafer polishing and processing.

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[Company strength]
We can develop and manufacture to meet our client needs with our experience in developing/manufacturing/selling a variety of products from leads to surface mounting (SMD).  We are an organization that can flexibly handle client demands, with domestic plants to develop/manufacture special specifications and high frequency products along with a Chinese plant to address various/small/large lots.  We also have an original dry etching technology for high frequency products, which realizes the high frequency (thin plate) of crystal and provides a unique product group. 

[Business description]
We have been developing, manufacturing and selling a variety of crystal devices (including quartz resonator, crystal filter, and crystal oscillator) with over 40 years of experience in the field.  We are accredited from our clients all over the world for our technology to develop and sell various products from leads to surface mounting (SMD) by small or large lots, while applications of crystal devices diversify.  We are currently involved with applying crystal processing technology to silicone/wafer polishing and processing for expanding our possibilities.


[Strength of products/technologies]
While speed on processing communication and circuits improves, crystal clock frequency used as the basic signal requires high frequency and low noise. Fundamental oscillation on an internal quartz oscillator is required, and our dry etching processing technology (plasma etching) is the most appropriate technology in order to lower the noise on high frequency circuits. We will provide new services and products to our clients with this technology.

[Representative's message]
We have developed, manufactured, and sold crystal devices for over 40 years. Our company specializes in customizing products according to client needs, and providing reliable products that are long lasting and serve as fundamental parts for communication devices and industrial machinery. We have recently focused on the development of high frequency and miniature products. We are striving to become an even more reliable crystal device manufacturer who can provide speedy and flexible services to our clients. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our production management team will address inquiries from large/foreign enterprises. The team will then confirm with our R&D before replying to technical questions, and will visit client sites if required for any concerns. We will make our best efforts to respond to requests from new clients as quickly as possible.

ISO9001, ISO14001.  Approved by the Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program

[Factory (domestic)]
Nagasaki Headquarter Plant

[Factory (overseas)]
Wujiang China Plant (Jiangsu China)

[Other sites]
Tokyo office (Fuchu, Tokyo), Shanghai office (Shanghai, China)

[Transaction form]
Orders for trial manufacturing and development of crystal devices, OEM license, collaborative development.

[Transaction terms]
Immediate payment following delivery/testing, according to our conditions; overseas exports (by air/surface)

[Exhibition History/Information]
Semicon Japan in 2008,  2009 and 2010/Monodukuri Fair 2013 in Fukuoka/ELECTRONICA Munich 2010  2012/ELECTRONICA Munich 2014 (planned)

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Kyushu Head Office, SMRJ