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Manufacturing of asbestos removal agents adopted in prevention of secondary disasters after the March 2011 nuclear accident.

We develop asbestos removal agents and methods  for asbestos removal.  Our AGUA series contain VOC only less than 0.1%.  In particular, AGUA-A3000 is highly resistant to radioactivity , and was adopted to keep radioactive materials from spreading after the March 2011 nuclear accident.  We have a dedicated group specialized in asbestos handling, whose consultants provide consultation and on-site handling.

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Sales Pitch

Appropriate disposal of asbestos
AQUA Series: Asbestos treatment agent using water-based inorganic material as the main component
Useful and effective in various works such as removal, containment, and finishing after removal.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have been engaged in environment-related businesses with our motto “develop and use products that cater to a better future of the Earth and our children” since our foundation.  We are constantly working on new environmental technologies to expand from Japan to Asia and the world.

[Business description]
We sell and develop treatment and removal agents for asbestos, as well as conducting asbestos removal work.  Our main products include (1) self-developed asbestos removal agent AGUA-A2000, (2) asbestos-scattering prevention agents approved by the Ministry of Land  Infrastructure and Transportation (AGUA-3000  and AGUA-5000), (3) rust switch agents Trick W, and (4) lead battery regenerants.  We also collaborate with Suntory Midorie in selling green systems for roofs and walls.  We obtained a construction business licenses (General, Scaffolding and excavation, and Roofing) from the Tokyo Metropolitan government in 2013, and are providing consultation services on the handling of asbestos. 

Asbestos removal , and sale and development of asbestos removal agents

[Strength of products/technologies]
We are trying to provide products that are not harmful to the environment and people.  For example, our AGUA series uses aqueous inorganic materials instead of conventional organic materials as the main substances , which are odorless and contain less than 0.1% of VOC and thus impose less negative impact on the environment.  As it is also inflammable,  treatments at rooftops and indoors with access to fire were made possible.  It is also higher in hyperosmosis and requires less treatment agents , thus it has reduced the time required for treatment.

[Representative's message]
Our AGUA series are heat-resistant and highly weatherable.  They were developed originally for use in closed spaces such as inside of ships,  therefore they are made far less  harmful to the human body.  Especially AGUA-A3000 is 100% inorganic and is able to withstand high radioactivity, and for these characteristics  was adopted after the March 2011 nuclear accident in the Fukushima Daiichi plant to prevent nuclear substances from spreading.  We will strive to develop products that contribute to environmental conservation.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are mainly focused on transactions with small and medium-sized enterprises.  As for global expansion, we are in partnership with Yukosha and are planning to go into China and South Korea as a first step.  We have acquired patents on non-scattering treatment methods in South Korea, as we have done in Japan.

[Market share/Ranking]
approximately 3% market share in Japan for asbestos treatment agents

[Awards and media coverage]
[Media] “AGUA is the non-scattering treatment agent” 2011.6.17, Nikkei Sangyo Shinbun/2011.11.7, “Asbestos Treatment Agent – New moist type” Kagaku Kogyo Nippo/2012.3.7, “Contributing to recover with non-scattering radioactive substances” Fuji Sankei Business  etc

NETIS registered 【KT-120122-A】.
Aapproved by the Ministry of Land and Transportation.
F☆☆☆☆ registered.
Approved non-flammable.
Approved Tokyo Business Innovation Plan.
Approved under the New Partnerships.

[Factory (domestic)]
Entrusted plant: Yukosha Co., Ltd.  Kuki plant (Saitama prefecture)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Kashima , Shimizu , and Takenaka JV (Fukushima nuclear power plants)

[Exhibition History/Information]
Asbestos Treatment Event / ASBEX / ’08-’11 Risk Control Event (RISCON) ’12 / 18th Underground water/soil contamination and their treatment / 2013 NEW Environment Event

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