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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:31:48

Ogaki Seiko Co., Ltd.

HDD base plate parts of 10 nano-level has materialized.

We manufacture precision press molds and press parts, combining our expertise in developing technology for precision molds and in plastic forming.  We are capable of meeting a wide range of requirements for base plate parts for HDD (hard disc) that clears the challenging hurdle of 10 nano read/write intervals, coalescence of complicated 3D shapes, switch over in the process method to press working only without cutting process, etc.


[Product description] Suspension parts have such crucial function that we must keep the magnetic head’s read intervals of magnetic disks and recorded data below 10 nano (0.01μm). The floating quantity of the magnetic head is equivalent to that of a jumbo jet aircraft flight at lower than 1mm above ground. We supply base plates known as ultraprecision components that only 4 manufacturers possess the manufacturing technology in the world (2 Japanese and 2 US). [Authorization/Certification] ISO9001 and ISO14001

[Product description] From the conventional method (lathe process plus single blanking) to a new method (crushing process to reduce thickness from 4.8 to 1.5). Blanking to remove droops to a minimum from the inner smooth surface of the bore wall. Cold forging method in manufacturing progressive dies. [Authorization/Certification] ISO9001 and ISO14001

[Product description] We realized high burring of 3.45mm height at 4 times the φ0.9mm diameter by spreading the sheet metal thin from 0.3mm thickness to 0.15mm. [Authorization/Certification] ISO9001 and ISO14001

[Product description] We manufactured large-diameter/large-scale honeycomb catalyst mold using over 30 years of expertise to clear various environmental regulations. [Authorization/Certification] ISO9001 and ISO14001

[Product description] There is a demand for exact product tolerance to secure magnetism. We reduced sheet thickness of 1.85 to 0.65 with 0.03 or less variation in thickness. [Authorization/Certification] ISO9001 and ISO14001