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MET .inc

We are expanding our business with our abundant knowledge about activated carbon.

We develop and manufacture activated carbon from unused biomass (energy source of biological origin) such as food waste and timber from forest-thinning.  We also design and manufacture activated carbon customized for specific customer needs.  We also manufacture and sell special equipment and plants to manufacture activated carbon from biomass, and have obtained patents on these products.  We have been engaged in a lot of joint research and development projects with other firms, universities, and public institutions.  Activated carbon has come under the spotlight in recent years as one of the materials to purify sewage and industrial waste water as well as exhaust steam from atomic power plants.  

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[Company strength]
① We are the only firm in the world which is capable of designing and manufacturing activated carbon in a way suitable for users’ applications. 

② We manufacture and distribute patented special equipment (plant) which is capable of manufacturing activated carbon consistently from biomass material. 

③ We are the only firm providing education and instruction for activated carbon manufacturing and evaluation methods as well as equipment operation. 

④ Contracted research and processing is available. 

⇒ We are a firm capable of providing all of the hardware (equipment), software (technology), and products in relation to activated carbon.

[Business description]
We are working on the following businesses with our philosophy to manufacture activated carbon for more familiar usage and use it more cleverly.

① Development, manufacturing, and distribution of activated carbon from unused biomass (food waste, forest thinnings etc.) and its manufacturing equipment 

② Contracted research, contracted processing, and technological instruction, in relation to activated carbon as a technological service business 

Activated carbon manufacturer

[Strength of products/technologies]
All products are of our own technology. 

・Activated carbon manufacturing equipment using dry distillation as the energy source has exclusive characteristics such as; 
① capability to directly manufacture activated carbon from biomass 
② no need for additional thermal energy 
③ capability of manufacturing in various types and by smaller lot and 
④ high productivity with small scale equipment. 

・Spherical activated carbon made from spherical resin material is; 
① not powdered ② high in absorption rate ③ capable of reproduction and reuse and ④ cheap. 

・Activated carbon made from bamboo is an eco-product excellent in 
① humidity control effect and ② air purifying action and leads to ③ village forest conservation. 

[Representative's message]
Global demand for activated carbon is expected to double from 1.2 to 2.4 million tons in the coming 6 years.  Activated carbon is one of the basic materials supporting social infrastructure, for example in clarification of original source of tap water, sewage, industrial effluent, and emission from nuclear energy plants.  However, Japan largely depends on imports.  The present situation may cause an imbalance between supply and demand which might lead to price hikes.  Our equipment helps to break this dependence on imports by manufacturing activated carbon using unused biomass such as timber from forest-thinning or pruning as raw material.  This will also protect the environment and create employment.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have experienced many collaborative research projects with major firms and contracted manufacturing.  We have also engaged in work under confidentiality agreements. We manufacture and design activated carbon to meet clients' specifications or applications.  For firms which intend to begin activated carbon manufacturing business, we are able to provide training at our facilities about activated carbon manufacturing technology, performance evaluation methods, and plant operation, before purchasing or building their plants.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] Resource Recycling Manufacturing Research Center Chairman Prize (2013) / Higashiaichi Shinbun Social Prize (2013)
[Media] ① Activated carbon manufacturing experiment device (Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun February 20, 2014) ② Activated carbon manufacturing equipment (CBC Radio appearance on Morning PON March 2, 2011) / The Mid Japan Economist January 1 2013 August 9 2011/ Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun October 5, 2011) ③ Gas diffusion layer for fuel battery (The Mid Japan Economist October 27, 2012) ④ Spherical activated carbon (Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun September 2, 2011)

Certification as Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program
Aichi Prefecture Management Innovation Project

[Joint research and development]
① Development of manufacturing method for conductive carbon paper with National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology Tsukuba and Gifu Prefecture Industrial Technology Center 

② Development of fuel cell gas diffusion layer with Aichi Industrial Science Technology Center and Gifu Prefecture Industrial Technology Center 

③ Development of negative-electrode material for lithium-ion battery with Mie University and Gifu Prefecture Industrial Technology Center 

④ Development of medicinal products for renal diseases with Company O and Okayama University 

⑤ Development of CO2 absorption /desorption material for aircraft with Company K and Okayama University

[Factory (domestic)]
Gamagori head office factory

[Other sites]
Gamagori head office factory

[Transaction form]
Equipment distribution, product distribution, contracted processing, license agreement, contracted trial development etc. 

[Transaction terms]
Payment upon delivery/acceptance inspection

[Exhibition History/Information]
Messe Nagoya 2012 2013/ Eco-products 2013/ Messe Nagoya 2014 (scheduled) Eco-products 2014 (scheduled) Environment Expo 2015 (scheduled)

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