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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:31:32

Ryowa Co., Ltd.

Our appearance inspection capable of detection of fine defects of 100 micros

We are engaged in the business of development of the appearance inspection device, hydraulic maintenance service, etc.   Our appearance inspection device is mainly custom-made.  We present as many inspection conditions as possible for the optic system at an evaluation experiment phase in the early stage of an inquiry.  We can achieve detection of fine defect of 100μ.   We maintain the top inspection system. 

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[Company strength]
Our company appears at the top of the search result of 'Hydraulic Maintenance' in search engines such as Google, although we are a small company. We are trying to expand the new business utilizing this name recognition in the automotive parts manufacturing industry etc. that uses hydraulic pressure. All of our staff members have a clear sense that we are an integral part of the company’s sales activities. We provide customers with technologies plus reassurance and sensation by implementing their elaborate needs which cannot be achieved by large companies rather than simply adhering to the "technology".

[Business description]
We have been carrying out the business development of the appearance inspection device for these three years, in addition to the hydraulic maintenance business which is the primary source of revenue. We develop all of the inspection unit/device unit/control unit by ourselves, thus undertaking the development of the appearance inspection device which is optimal to customers in the new division comprising engineers having a career of about 20 years.  We are operating/building technologies with a view to overseas markets including the Asian region.

Construction (hydraulic equipment design/maintenance, appearance inspection devices design and sales)

[Strength of products/technologies]
The appearance inspection device of our company is mainly custom-made.  This represents our intention to address the actual circumstances in Japan that standard specifications cannot meet needs in Monozukuri craftsmanship in Japan.   Specifically, we try to present as many inspection conditions as possible at an evaluation experiment phase in the early stage of an inquiry for the optic system which is the vital point of appearance inspection.   In addition, we develop the optimal/best appearance inspection device by implementing adjustment in consideration of the operating environment of the device after introducing any change in materials of work to be inspected and variation with time of the equipment.   Consequently, we achieve detection of a defect as fine as 100μ in a metal part which is considered relatively difficult optically.

[Representative's message]
Japanese companies have advocated 'Monozukuri craftsmanship'. However, we, a small- and medium-sized company, believe that developing business by targeting the overseas market is the option that we should take and the path that we should follow, when considering overseas advance by the major companies, TPP and a demographic change in Japan over the next ten years.   We believe that challenging to open up new overseas markets is the best way for the Japanese small-and medium-sized companies to get the attention of foreign businesses.   The demand for "automatic inspections" is accelerating with aging of the world, and thus we intend to market our "Japanese-made" appearance inspection device to the world.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are developing the two businesses of the appearance inspection device and hydraulic equipment.   We carry out technical service/marketing by limited number of staff members for the appearance inspection.   We have already established business ties with local companies in Thailand and South Korea.   Over there, we have participated at local exhibitions and received some inquiries from the Japanese-affiliated companies. We share information with the alliance partners mentioned above and are carrying out business operations so that we can receive an order.   We are now preparing for establishment of an affiliated company especially in China in March 2014 for the hydraulic equipment.  We have already employed some Chinese staff members here in Japan and finished the preparation for building a framework.   In FY 2014, we also focus on the Western markets and are in the planning phase of marketing.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] Received a certificate of appreciation or certificate of commendation from “Kitakyushu Chamber of Commerce”/”Toyota Motor Corporation Kitakyushu”/”Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Kitakyushu Plant”/”Toshiba Machine Engineering Co. Ltd.”. 
[Media] The Nishinippon Shimbun/NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN/Cross FM/FM Kitakyushu/Kenja TV

ISO14001 (continuous screening completed in 2014).

[Joint research and development]
(1) Conducted a joint research on 'Surface Roughness Inspection' with Kitakyushu National College of Technology. 
(2) Continuously exchanging opinions on a regular basis with Kyushu Institute of Technology.

[Other sites]
Kanda Business Facility

[Transaction form]
Orders for trial manufacturing and development, joint development, development of commissioned products, sales of products and materials  

[Transaction terms]
Closing the account at the end of a month when a delivery is made and paying in the following month. Based on our terms and conditions. Dealing in only sea mail.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Delivered hydraulic equipment to Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Kyushu, Toyota Motor Corporation Kyushu, ROHM Apollo Co. Ltd., Tokyo Keiki Inc.,Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd., etc. Developed and delivered the maintenance and appearance inspection device. (Honorifics omitted.)

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We have a track record of maintenance service of hydraulic equipment with ROHM Apollo (Thailand/Philippines).

[Exhibition History/Information]
Monozukuri NEXT 2012 Tokyo-Big Sight/Processing Technology Expo/Tokyo-Big Sight/2012 Shanghai, Sino-Japan Monozukuri Expo/2013 Thailand-METALEX2013/Processing Technology Expo February 2014 (planned)

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