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Nodadie Co., Ltd.

Developing elbows capable of making perfect circles with no internal distortion

We manufacture dies including large-sized ones for hot forging of cars,  motorcycles , and bathtubs.  We have manufacturing methods that achieve a perfect internal circle,  flexible wall thickness, and 120-degree angle, through precision machining with 3D CAD-CAM simulation, as well as horizontal boring and milling machines. 

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[Company strength]
Elbows used to be made through welding and pipe bending.  However, welding hardened and distorted the cutting surfaces, and often left them elliptical.  Pipe bending  caused expansion and contraction inside and outside of the pipe, which  resulted in uneven wall thickness (thinner inside and thicker outside) and eventual breakage.  We avoided these conventional issues by making metal blocks through forging  before peripheral and inner & outer diameter processing and achieved  a perfect inner circle without distortion.  Our product exceeded the limit of measurement apparatus, and was evaluated to be at least twice as strong as other conventional products.

[Business description]
We were founded in Ichioka  Minato-ku  (Osaka) in 1948,  and incorporated in Daikai , Fukushima-ku  (Osaka City) in 1953.  We started our business with manufacturing of forging dies , and later obtained capabilities of making large-scale dies.  Over time, we began NC processing and a variety of types of machining , expanding our business into other industries including automotive.  We now intend to enter the aircraft industry, and in collaboration with Osaka University  while using their latest equipment, we are trying to make high precision products that clear the FAA (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration)  standard. 

Manufacture and sale of Horiguchi Elbow  dies, and metalworking

[Strength of products/technologies]
We are trying to develop a measuring device that can verify the milling accuracy of right angle & true circle elbows as part of our effort to develop 3D CAD-CAM tools. The key in milling is angles.  We use 3D CAD-CAM simulation to find the right angle and position , and have made the world's first horizontal boring milling machine for precision machining. Our patented manufacturing method ensures a perfect internal circle,  flexible wall thickness,  and 120-degree angle.  We also develop original jigs and tools. 

[Representative's message]
We make low-spec products in China, where samples have been submitted and production will start in August after concluding a contract with an OEM factory.  We will manufacture mid- and high-spec products in Japan, and are now building up a production system in preparation.  We have taken part in exhibitions including the Tokyo International Aerospace Exhibition,  Shanghai Aerospace Expo , and Singapore Air Show , and found potential demand from the aviation industry.  We now aim to expand our business into the global market through our sales agency  Kawasaki Heavy Industries Shoji.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have set up the Overseas Marketing Department,  and concluded a confidentiality agreement and basic commercial agreement with Kawasaki Heavy Industries Shoji.  We will also conclude a distribution agreement with it to determine distribution areas.  We have established a shared email system to enable quicker internal communication even with those on overseas trips. The President's daily schedule is shared with the plant manager and all other employees. 

[Market share/Ranking]
We are the only milling elbow maker at present.  We have applied for patents in 31 countries, and once we obtain these patents, our global market share will be 100%. 

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] Kinki Commendation for Invention 2012,  Small Business Administration Secretary Award 2012 , 4th Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Nippon Grand Award 2012,  37th Invention Award  Achievement Award 2012,  Osaka Manufacturing Excellent Company 2010 , Excellent Company Award 2011,  100 Energetic Companies in Kansai 2011.
[Media] TV Tokyo: World Business Satellite “Waza-ari! Underlying strength of Japan” (April 25  2011)

Approved as the Ministry of Economy  Trade and Industry Specified R&D Project (Certification number Kinki 0904019  and Kinki 1006134)

[Joint research and development]
University of Fukui: Production of elbow by difficult-to-cut materials  Osaka University: Manufacture of aircraft parts by FSW method  GE UNISON: (1) Weight reduction of jet engine parts  (2) flow efficiency improvement

[Transaction form]
Prototype development,  license contract,  entrusted manufacturing

[Transaction terms]
Subject to our terms and conditions

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We have delivered 20 or more large-sized milling elbows to power generation companies through Shimoda Iron Works.  We have also sold standard parts of extrusion molding machines to Toshiba Machine.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We have provided samples to a Singaporean company through CISRE , and are to deliver 60 ,000 units of petroleum refining parts this year. 

[Exhibition History/Information]
SMEs Comprehensive Exhibition,  JIMTOF  Inter mold Osaka and Tokyo,  Tokyo International Aerospace Exhibition,  Shanghai Aerospace Expo,  Inter Mold Osaka and Tokyo (scheduled) , Singapore Air Show (scheduled)

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