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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:30:23

Sanshin Jyushi Co., Ltd.

We make original plastic bottles and caps for you with our molding and pressing technologies.

We manufacture and sell crown caps and plastic cap s, supply relevant materials to brewing companies , and manufacture and sell plastic bottles and preform.  With our extraordinary plastic design skills, we have made a wide variety of plastic molding products based on illustrations and photographs. We also offer integrated production services, with which we respond to clients' orders for customization with uniqueness and speed.


[Product description] We manufacture and sell a variety of preform products to meet unique customer needs. We are a small company, but can offer flexible services (which is an advantage of SMEs) and competitive quality products that satisfy customer requirements. [Major facilities and equipment] A Nissei resin preform molding machine (for preform only)

[Product description] We have made a large variety of plastic molding products based on illustrations and photographs with our plastic design skills. We have technologies and an integrated production system that covers every process from data creation to bottle molding. We are happy to offer our technologies for your original plastic bottles! [Major facilities and equipment] Stretch blow machines

[Product description] We excel in making crown caps with metal pressing machines, as well as plastic caps with injection molding machines. Our crown caps for pasteurizers, in particular, have great heat and pressure resistance, which are made based on our original techniques. Our Makie (gold & silver lacquer) crown caps use Ishikawa’s traditional decoration patterns, which will earn popularity among overseas clients. We are happy to respond to orders of our wide variety of caps, from general-purpose caps to special order ones . [Market share/Ranking] Crown caps for 1.8L Sake: 12% in the Japanese market [Intellectual property] Ishikawa Brand (crown caps for pasteurizers) [Major facilities and equipment] C-type metal press machines (15-35t)

[Product description] We have designed and commercialized a cooler box upon customer requests. It uses no adhesives and is safe for use in food-related businesses. This medium sized, highly durable, shock-resistant box with a handle offers great work efficiency. [Market share/Ranking] Urethane foam is used in both the body and lid of the box, which ensures outstanding cold insulating performance.