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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:29:26

Morimoto-Pharma Co., Ltd.

Developed a jelly-contained package for pill-ingestion based on our experience and performance for many years

Production and sales of pharmaceutical production equipment. Development, production, and sales of aiding products for taking pills easily. We developed a jelly-contained package for pill-ingestion in combination with three technologies: pill-ingestion aiding jelly so that elderly people who have difficulties in swallowing can swallow easily; weak-sealed film for opening a film container easily; and trace-amount powder filling. The film weak-sealing technology has a wide range of application such a technology for opening a container easily. We have proposed our products after interviewing  hospitals or care facilities and after participating in related meetings or seminars. 


[Product description] A jelly kit for swallowing pills easily without water! Easy to swallow pills or supplements with jelly! The world's first "weak-sealing technology" achieves safe and secure portability! A spoon-shaped faucet makes it easy to take the jelly in as is without transferring the jelly to another cup or skimming it with a spoon. With the jelly kit, you can swallow without an upward facing state which may cause an accidental swallowing since it enables you to put the faucet back to your mouth unlike an ordinary spoon. Just push up the jelly, and no effort is required to mix it with a pill. No worries about a rush-out of the jelly faucet because the tip of the faucet is bent.

[Product description] Tube feeding poses various problems. Time and efforts are required for syringe cleaning and drying. There are risks of feeding by mistake, loss of quantity in feeding caused by grinding and efforts of replacing a clogged tube which burdens on patients. These problems may require significant amount of money. Our "Quick Bag" is disposable and can save time and efforts. This transparent bag enables you to see the state of suspension, and so you do not have to worry about mix-up. It also prevents tube clogging since grinding is not required. You will achieve significant cost reduction. This product is secure, convenient, comfortable, and economical for not only patients, but also pharmacists, nurses, and the hospital management.