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We provide various kinds of scientific and chemical equipment to users in Japan.

Our company is a trading firm. We mainly sell domestic and overseas low-temperature, radiation, and X-ray equipment and other scientific and chemical equipment. We also market our own products. We introduce products in public laboratories at universities and governmental agencies by making the best use of our contact with such technical fields as cryogenics, superconductivity, and radiation. We are also actively working on introducing technologies in the industrial world.

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[Company strength]
We have a history of over 35 years of experience and achievements in technical fields such as cryogenics, superconductivity, radiation, and X-rays. We have confidence in our power and speed to introduce advanced technologies in Japan because we have strong connections to overseas industries. We also have many years of achievements and experience with researchers in Japan, so we have a full environment for technical development based on researcher seeds.

[Business description]
Our company introduces overseas technologies and devices and also our own products. We mainly do business in the fields of low-temperature physics, radiation, and X-rays. Our main customers are universities and national and public laboratories, but we are also actively working to implement technologies in the industrial world. We are using national government and other subsidies and grant systems for the application of basic technologies to develop new markets through our company and subsidiaries.


[Strength of products/technologies]
We can introduce technologies and devices to Japan that have already been introduced overseas. This includes radiation gate monitors installed at national borders and port facilities as measures against nuclear terrorism to detect radioactive substances loaded on passing vehicles. More than 80 units of such a system have been installed at the Port of Tokyo and the Port of Yokohama to check export cargo containers for radioactive contamination. This is done as part of the Fukushima decontamination project.

[Representative's message]
Our company was founded 90 years ago and our main line of business at the time was the manufacture and sale of glasswork products and the like. We have successfully changed from this to our present sales of scientific and chemical equipment. We are a trading firm, but we have a technical department in Yokohama city. We are not limited to wholesaling. We design and manufacture our own products, meet requests for repairs and maintenance, and install and adjust products at our customers’ sites. Our main customers are now public research institutes of universities and governmental agencies, but we will extend our business into the industrial world by linking with major companies.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our website is our point of contact for major companies and other customers. We are ready to meet email inquiries about sales and technical support. Staff from the sales or technical department visit customers as required. This is an in-house system mainly for customers in Japan. However, we may extend future devices for the industrial world to overseas markets. English support is available because of our regular transactions with overseas companies.

[Awards and media coverage]
Distinguished Service Member certification by RIKEN (2012); Letters of appreciation from the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research, and so on.

Academic journals (“Hamon,” “Hoshako,” “Applied Physics,” etc.); introduced in newspapers (Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, November 15, 2013, etc.).

[Joint research and development]
“Developing radioactive waste incineration systems from expertise about magnetic separation devices and techniques of managing incineration plants and also finding their sales channels for recovery from the earthquake disaster,” by the National Federation of Small Business Associations in fiscal 2012; joint development with Kyoto Institute of Technology; and many others.

[Factory (domestic)]

[Other sites]
Tokyo Branch, Yokohama Technical Center

[Transaction form]
Product sales, joint development.

[Transaction terms]
Cash transfer (promissory notes not accepted) at the end of the next month after delivery and acceptance, or advance payment based on our terms and conditions.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Kajima (magnetic separation of arsenic and other heavy metals), Hitachi (development of SQUID for nondestructive inspection), Toshiba, NTT, and so on.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We are a sales agent for NucSafe (radiation inspection devices for transportation containers) and Cryo Industries (low-temperature devices) of the U.S., Huber of Germany (diffractometers), and so on.

[Exhibition History/Information]
The Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research; the Japanese Society for Neutron Science and others; the Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research (planned); the Japanese Society for Neutron Science (planned); the Japan Society of Applied Physics (planned).

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